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The annual Viktor Schreckengost Mangbetu Award salutes outstanding arts achievement and commitment by Attleboro Arts Museum W. Charles Thompson Museum School students.


Award History

As a result of a generous gift from Mrs. Gene Schreckengost, The Attleboro Arts Museum is the fortunate recipient of Viktor Schreckengost’s 1933 original Mangbetu Child; Bronze Casting #2 (pictured). This exceptional piece was on display at the Museum during the Viktor Schreckengost Legacy Exhibition (March 21 – May 16, 2008) and serves as a strong symbol of Vik’s talent and range as an artist.

As a salute to Viktor Schreckengost, The Attleboro Arts Museum has instated The Viktor Schreckengost Mangbetu Award honoring Viktor’s contributions as an educator and remarkable accomplishments as an artist and designer.


2018 Mangbetu Award Recipient

Riley Collins

Exhibition: June 2 – 29, 2018

Reception & Award Ceremony:  Sat., June 23rd from 3-4:30pm
Location:  Attleboro Arts Museum Community Gallery (Emory Street Entrance Lobby)


Artist Statement: 

Riley Collins is eight years old.  She has been taking art classes in drawing, painting and ceramics at the Attleboro Arts Museum since 2014. Riley has always demonstrated a true dedication to art-making and it has been a joy to watch her talent and skills grow over the years.  She is courageous young artist whose favorite time of day is when she is creating art.  Riley comments, “I love to paint because it is fun.  I love to draw because it is fun.  I enjoy using all different colors and paints.  When I’m at art class I feel happy!”



Viktor Schreckengost Mangbetu Award Past Recipients

  • 2010: Arlena Phillips
  • 2011: Cassie Chee
  • 2012: Marina Spenciner
  • 2013: Ryan Brown
  • 2014: The Monotype Group (Susan Clarke, Celeste Houle, Carol Sacks, Jean Thompson, Andrea Warner, Mary Wojciechowski)
  • 2015: Mary Musante
  • 2016: Vaidehi Jawale
  • 2017: Mary Moore



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