High Art 2020



In response to concerns around COVID-19, and in an effort to ensure the health and safety of all, the Attleboro Arts Museum has made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s High Art Exhibition until next spring, May 2021. We will be keeping the theme of DREAMSCAPES for next year. 


A new timeline for High Art 2021 and any additional updates will be posted here in September 2020.



Dreamscapes are visual expressions of the surreal. Free from conscious and clear, controlled thoughts, Dreamscapes place value on the articulation of imaginative visions, dreamlike ideas and the bizarre of the subconscious. Students are challenged to consider the question “what’s on your mind?” and work in teams to create one large-scale installation that brings forth their concept of Dreamscapes.

For inspiration, look to the surrealist artists such as Andre Breton, Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and Leonora Carrington.  Explore doors that lead to different dimensions, hybrid creatures, topsy turvy landscapes, figures or objects that are inside out, trees floating away on balloons, a phantom ping pong game, a phone booth full of bananas, a sea of ladies’ legs, flying fish, underwater elephants and more! Please keep in mind that it is not always necessary to fill every square inch of your allotted space, but more importantly to freely let your concept and materials dictate the final design and placement within the space you have been given.


What is High Art?

High Art is an annual exhibition showcasing the extraordinary talent and ideas of high school students enrolled in public, private, parochial, alternative, charter or homeschool programs.  This youth exhibition connects teens with artists both past and present, fosters the creation of original artworks, and provides a professional forum for students to voice their own creativity and work collaboratively.


What is installation art?

Installation art uses any material invention to modify the way a space is experienced, and can be either temporary or permanent.  Installation artworks have been constructed in exhibition spaces such as museums and galleries, as well as public and private spaces.  The genre incorporates a broad range of materials, including but not limited to huge, three-dimensional painting/murals, sculpture, poems, and new media such as video, sound, and performance art.


For questions regarding the High Art exhibition please contact Museum Programs Coordinator & High Art Exhibition Curator, Abby Rovaldi at either 508-222-2644 x15 or arovaldi@attleboroartsmuseum.org.


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