Nature-themed Art Exhibition

Nature-themed Art Exhibition

The following is a list of all works on view in the Museum’s Ottmar Gallery during the 23rd Annual Flower Show.

Artist Name Title Medium City & State
Jerry Aissis Underwater Odyssey Alcohol ink Cumberland, RI
Linda Alger Birch Tree Forest Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Clare Asch Georgia on My Mind Watercolor Marlborough, MA
Mark D. Babbidge Spring Time Magnolia Bud Photography Providence, RI
Mark D. Babbidge Blossom  Photography Providence, RI
Lisa G. Bailey Efflorescence Acrylic Franklin, MA
Lauren Beath Victoria Oil Norton, MA
Donato Beauchaine Blossoms & Boulders Oil No. Kingstown, RI
Christina Beecher Blue Skies Oil Mansfield, MA
Christina Beecher Storm Clouds Oil Mansfield, MA
Evelyn Bernal In The West Acrylic Lincoln, RI
David Lee Black Perseverance Photography Wrentham, MA
Laurie Bogdan Lotusword Collage Arlington, MA
Allison Boisselle Lion Color pencil, airbrush & Gouache Albin, RI
Linda Bonaccorsi Mirrored Mallard Photography on metallic lustre paper Attleboro, MA
William Bradshaw Zebra Wood Lincoln, RI
Kameko Branchaud Time Poem #1 Coyote skull, oil & fabric Canston, RI
Herman Brewster Milkweed, Bees, Butterfly Photography Providence, RI
Herman Brewster Narrow River Gold Photography Providence, RI
Patricia K. Buckley Ode to Van Gogh Acrylic Mansfield, MA
Sue Burek Mist Oil on canvas board Seekonk, MA
Jackie Cabral Lotus Acrylic Attleboro, MA
Andre Camire Flowers in Vase Oil New Bedford, MA
Kristin Campbell Flower Patch Acrylic & alcohol ink on canvas Attleboro, MA
Kristin Campbell Gladiolus Acrylic & alcohol ink on canvas Attleboro, MA
Kristina Capezio Friends Since Childhood Photography Norwood, MA
Kristina Capezio Nylon Pine Photography Norwood, MA
Dorothy Chaffee Celebration Oil Norfolk, MA
Dorothy Chaffee Wee Little Glen Oil Norfolk, MA
Sarah Chaloux Bouquets for Sale Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Sarah Chaloux Country Road Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Susan Clarke Spring Explosion Monotype collage Lincoln, RI
Diana Cole Exotic Bird Stained glass Warren, RI
Diana Cole Poppies Stained glass Warren, RI
Sandy Coleman Enchanted Dreams Mixed media Attleboro, MA
Robin Connors Seasonal Impressions Monoprint Lakeville, MA
Drew Conrad Regrowth Ceramic Franklin, MA
Kelly Dardinski Wild Beauty Watercolor & Prisma colored pencil Mansfield, MA
Sandy Davis Home Tweet Home Oil Mansfield, MA
John Degloria Arizona Snow Acrylic No. Attleboro, MA
Nathan Deleon Chinese Temple Mixed media Summerset, MA
Marty Doyle Gingko Photography E. Providence, RI
Marty Doyle Red Velvet Photography E. Providence, RI
Sydney Dufort Giraffe Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Suzette Durso Blue Bird Eco print collage & colored pencil Lincoln, MA
Lindsey Epstein Royal Blue Crystalline Vase Porcelain Tiverton, RI
Michael Evans Pink Parrots I Oil Taunton, MA
Michael Evans Pink Parrots II Oil Taunton, MA
Patricia Faulkner Mountain Gem Fiber Cumberland, RI
Temple Fawcett Untitled (Yellow Bird with Feathered Tail) Wet & needle-felted wool Providence, RI
Patricia Ferrara Vantage Point Oil Attleboro, MA
Sandie Ficco Book of Petals Mixed media Franklin, MA
Roxie Ficco Enchanted Calla Lily Ceramic Franklin, MA
Stephen Fisher Medusa Intaglio Warren, RI
Stephen Fisher Winter Wetland Intaglio Warren, RI
John Flynn Two Color Rose Photography No. Providence, RI
John Flynn Bee and Wild Rose Photography No. Providence, RI
Jacqueline Forcina Paradise, CA Pencil, ink & colored pencil Franklin, MA
Carol Frieswick Looking Like Spring Pastel Whitinsville, MA
Georgia Wattendorf Guiny Mountains Beyond Mountains Mixed media No. Attleboro, MA
Daniel Gyves Lotus Blossom Photography Mansfield, MA
Daniel Gyves Lupine Meadow Photography Mansfield, MA
Jena Haines Monarchs and Flowers Acrylic & fabric Franklin, MA
Emily Hamel Circle of Life Oil on maple panel Attleboro, MA
Charlotte Harrington Serenity Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Charlotte Harrington Healing Peonies Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Leonard Allen Haug Variations in Orange Cut paper mosaic & acrylic Princeton, MA
Janice Hayes-Cha Flower Garden Mixed media Arlington, MA
Janice Hayes-Cha Oak Sapling Mixed media Arlington, MA
Kate Hoffman Enchanted Attleboro Photography Attleboro, MA
Mark Holme Brown Bear Wire & wood Seekonk, MA
Mark Holme Run Wire & wood Seekonk, MA
K. Holmes Collusion Wood & acrylic Attleboro, MA
Hazel & Branson Holmes Little Bootsie Calico Hanging with Duck Clay & acrylic Attleboro, MA
Erika Houghton Untitled Raku fired clay Attleboro, MA
Elizabeth Howard Pollinate Acrylic Attleboro, MA
Etian Huang The Flower Animals – Panda Acrylic Silver Spring, MD
Shanye Huang Happiness in Nature Acrylic on rice paper Silver Spring, MD
Shanye Huang Hidden Treasure Acrylic & colored pencil Silver Spring, MD
Elizabeth Ives Specimen #21: Flowering Lace Bracket (Un/Natural Future) Acrylic paint & beads Holden, MA
Elizabeth Ives Specimen #5: Eleanor’s Garnet Gerber Acrylic paint & beads Holden, MA
Mark A. Jaffe Winter Bloom Photography Barrington, RI
Bonnie Jaffe Iris Dream Photography Barrington, RI
Brenna Johnson Nocturnal Raku Ceramics Millis, MA
Gina Kalenderian Hydrangea and Mandarins Oil Lancaster, MA
Alison F. Kidder Meadow Photography Norton, MA
Alison F. Kidder Through the Wilderness Photography Norton, MA
Mark S. Knapp American Bittern Tupelo wood & natural reed No. Kingstown, RI
Mark S. Knapp Backyard Friends Tupelo wood, brass & copper No. Kingstown, RI
Tanja Koivuoja Luna Susurri Mixed media Attleboro, MA
Mary Kosowski Five Yellow Tulips Oil Smithfield, RI
Mary Kosowski Red and White Bouquet Oil Smithfield, RI
Lavanya Kotipalli Mountain View Oil No. Attleboro, MA
Iwona Lapczyk Sea Moss Porcelain on wood Barrington, RI
Iwona Lapczyk Winter Birds Porcelain on wood Barrington, RI
Rachel Leaney The Graces Oil monotype on plaster Newton, MA
Rachel Leaney Mystical Mushroom Oil monotype on plaster Newton, MA
Carolyn Letvin Single Sheep #47 Oil stick on wood panel Plainville, MA
Elizabeth Lind Lush Clay No. Kingstown, RI
Laurie A. Lizotte The Honey Bee Photography Rehoboth, MA
Laurie A. Lizotte The Lonely Yellow Blossom Photography Rehoboth, MA
Vesna Longton Behind Glass Glass & acrylic Attleboro, MA
Vesna Longton Flower Dance Acrylic Attleboro, MA
Amelia Lydon Silent Observer Mixed media Norton, MA
Donna MacLure Koi Collage Wrentham, MA
Debra Maher In Pat’s Garden: Allium Digital art Rehoboth, MA
Debra Maher In Pat’s Garden: Peonies Digital art Rehoboth, MA
Leah Mahiri Alstromeria Study Watercolor & color pencils Attleboro, MA
Leah Mahiri Maple Seeds Water Attleboro, MA
Rosemarie Manson Cut Flowers Mixed media Smithfield, RI
Penelope Manzella Gone to Seed Series: Porcelain Berry Vine Oil on linen Barr, RI
Gwyn Marathas From Path to Pond View Fiber No. Easton, MA
Rose Marques Mountain Bluebird Colored pencil & watercolor Attleboro, MA
Cartherine Martin A Day in Camden Oil Mansfield, MA
James E. Martin First Emergent Spring – A Self Portrait Oil North Attleboro, MA
James E. Martin Spring Apple Orchard at Bolton, MA Oil North Attleboro, MA
Susan Masse Pond Beauty Watercolor South Easton, MA
Susan Masse Summer’s Wonder Watercolor South Easton, MA
David J. McGee Road to Camp II Oil Attleboro, MA
Brian McIsaac Fierce Dragon Acrylic Attleboro, MA
Melissa McIsaac The Cove Oil Attleboro, MA
Steven Morse Lone Poppy Photography Pawtucket, RI
Michelle Mucciaccio Chick Chick II – A Floral Interpretation Silk flowers Attleboro, MA
Kevin Mulligan Dragon’s Cauldron Wood Norton, MA
Kevin Mulligan Mystical Forest Wood Norton, MA
Ann Murdoch Summer Light Watercolor Middleboro, MA
Lisa Murphy Cocoon Decoupage dried leaves & flowers Norton, MA
Paul M. Murray Misty Falls at Vik Photography Jamestown, RI
Paul M. Murray Sunrise in the Lemaire Photography Jamestown, RI
Danika Notar Blue Daisy Porcelain Attleboro, MA
Joell O’Malley Hibiscus Photography Attleboro Falls, MA
Joell O’Malley Libellule e Fiori Recycled mixed media Attleboro Falls, MA
Kristina N. Occhino Bearded Iris with Indigo Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Ronna A. Pate Beach Buddies Oil Johnston, RI
Michael Perry Mr. Mantis Photography Attleboro, MA
Gina Piantedosi Possum Collage Attleboro, MA
Justine M. Pinckard Fireworks in Flower Form Photography Pawtucket, RI
Justine M. Pinckard In Pursuit of Pollen Photography Pawtucket, RI
Susan V. Polansky Butterfly and Flowers Fabric collage & paint Lexington, MA
Hari M. Polansky Off the Grid Acrylic Lexington, MA
Susan Potter The Flower ABC Collage, Watercolor & Pell Rehoboth, MA
Tyler Putnam Sea of Scotland Oil Mansfield, MA
Nan Quintin Twilight at Beaver Brook Watercolor Pepperell, MA
Susan Reed Daisies’ Delight Mixed media Attleboro, MA
Susanne Riette Golden Daylily Watercolor South Easton, MA
Melissa Riley Baby Creek Oil Attleboro, MA
Melissa Riley Pink Haze Oil Attleboro, MA
Frank Robertson Griswold Museum Garden Acrylic N. Attleboro, MA
Frank Robertson Warm & Cool Floral Acrylic N. Attleboro, MA
Madeleine O. Robinson Red Tulip among the Hyacinth Photography Cumberland, RI
Melissa Robson Torn Wing Acrylic North Smithfield, RI
Nancy Roche Swans on Blue Water Watercolor Mansfield, MA
Nancy Roche Whispers Watercolor Mansfield, MA
Tatiana Roulin Midnight Lilac Oil Sharon, MA
Sadie Roy Orchid Cascade Photography Lincoln, RI
Sadie Roy Petals and Pollen Photography Lincoln, RI
Ann Rozhon Autumn Treat Mixed media No. Scituate, RI
Lisa Gabrielle Russell Organic Surge Sumi ink & charcoal Braintree, MA
Carol Sacks Sunflowers Times Two Photography No. Attleboro, MA
Francesca Ann Sadler Sun Drunk Micron pen Cohasset, MA
Francesca Ann Sadler USDA Organic Micron pen Cohasset, MA
Ana-Maria Santos Fields and Mountains of Beira Alta, Portugal Acrylic Cumberland, RI
Anindita Sarkar Neighborhood Acrylic No. Attleboro, MA
Anindita Sarkar Spring Calling Acrylic No. Attleboro, MA
Sally Schuman By the Pond: Water lilies, Iris and Grass Acrylic Providence, RI
Justin Scovish Rèverie Florale Collage Attleboro, MA
Cheryl Seide Fresh Flowers Acrylic Franklin, MA
Cheryl Seide Sun Gazer Acrylic Franklin, MA
BarbaraLee Seligman Basket of Flowers Fiber art Sharon, MA
Amanda Sharples Emerald Grove Watercolor Attleboro, MA
Darlene Simmons A Wonderful White Welcome to Spring Photography Riverside, RI
Lyn Slade The Nursey Needle felting & dye Bolton, MA
Kerry St.Pierre D&D Greenman Styrofoam cups & trays from Dunkin Donuts Attleboro, MA
Julia Stasio Luna Watercolor No. Reading, MA
Pamela Grills Stein Open Poppies Acrylic No. Stonington, CT
Pamela Grills Stein Peaceable I Acrylic No. Stonington, CT
Elisa Sweig Happiness in a Vase Mixed media Franklin, MA
Elisa Sweig Whimsy Mixed media Franklin, MA
Carolann Tebbetts Dream Fly II Fiber Shrewsbury, MA
Carolann Tebbetts Voysey I Fiber Shrewsbury, MA
Barbara Testa Garden Peony Watercolor Cumberland, RI
Barbara Testa Sunlit Hydrangea Watercolor Cumberland, RI
Chiara Tetreault Pink Rose Acrylic Attleboro, MA
Beverly Tinklenberg Lilies in Bloom Watercolor & acrylic Whitinsville, MA
Jess Tracey Untitled #2 Mixed media Attleboro, MA
Charles S. Tramontana Dragonfly with Carnelians Pendant Dragonfly with silver granulation & carnelian Cumberland, RI
Jennifer Turner The Beach Acrylic Attleboro, MA
Monica Tynan Pitcher Plant Acrylic No. Attleboro, MA
Doreen Velmer Myopic Trio: Freaks of Nature Photography & river birch twigs Attleboro, MA
Cathy Villeneuve Blue Jay on a Branch Oil Pawtucket, RI
Deborah Vine-Smith Stain Glass Photography Cumberland, RI
Alan James Weimer Homage to the White Rose Society Photography Rehoboth, MA
Robin Wessman Pearl Oil Norfolk, MA
Natalie Whittington Life…Amongst Red Dirt Photography Attleboro, MA
Natalie Whittington Beauty…Refreshed Photography Attleboro, MA
Mary Wojciechowski A Delicate Balance Alcohol ink No. Attleboro, MA
Carol Wontkowski Peony Photography Attleboro, MA
Carol Wontkowski The Peony’s Party Photography Attleboro, MA
Sue Klas Wright North Beach Waves Watercolor No. Kingstown, RI
Marian Wrightington It Must Be Spring Oil Attleboro, MA



Nature-Themed Art Exhibition Juror

Kirsten Swartz, Manager of Exhibitions and Events at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA. Kirsten Swartzholds a master’s degree in Museum Studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Program, focusing on Art History. At Tower Hill, she curates art and science exhibits and manages festivals and public programs.

Tower Hill’s current exhibit, Horticultural Heroes, features portraits by local artists that highlight unsung heroes in the plant world.



Flower Show Event Details

  • Benefit Preview
    • Wednesday, March 20th from 6pm – 8pm. Tickets are now on sale.  Call 508-222-2644 x10.
  • Event
    • Thursday. March 21st from 9:30am – 4pm
    • Friday, March 22nd from 9:30am – 4pm
    • Saturday, March 23rd from 9:30am – 4pm
    • Sunday, March 24th from 12pm – 4pm



Flower Show 2019 Theme:

Enchanted Forest – Magical Gardens Spring to Life


The Flower Show, now celebrating its 23rd year, features major garden displays, horticulture and artistic floral arranging, gardening presentations and demonstrations, special events for all ages, and a nature-themed exhibition of original artwork throughout the Museum. 

The following eight exhibitors will display creative gardens that come together in a magical celebration of spring:

  • Attleboro Farms, North Attleborough, MA
  • Briggs Nursery, North Attleborough, MA
  • Bristol County Agricultural High School, Dighton, MA
  • Flowers by the Station, Attleboro, MA
  • Helping Hands Florist, Plainville, MA
  • Nolan’s Flowers and Gifts, North Attleborough, MA
  • Oracle Landscape & Lindsey Epstein Pottery, Tiverton, RI
  • Rosebud Florist,Inc., Pawtucket, RI


2019 Benefit Preview: “Into the Woods”

Wednesday, March 20th from 6pm – 8pm

  • See the gardens before the Flower Show opens to the public
  • Featuring live music from pianist Mark Taber. Sponsored by the Ray Conniff Foundation.

To order Benefit Preview tickets call 508-222-2644 x10.  Space is limited for this special event. $15 for Museum members; $17 for non-members. Includes wine, beer and light hors d’oeuvres.  A current photo ID is required for bar service. 





Image: Rosanne Cerbo.



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