Cuddy Court Creatures

From the Whimsical World of Artist Jess Tracey

Thomas H. Cuddy, Jr. CourtyardBetween Bank, Academy and North Main Streets, Attleboro, MA

Artist Jess Tracey at work in Attleboro’s newly established Thomas J. Cuddy Courtyard.

Take a few steps off downtown Attleboro’s North Main Street and you’ll soon be face-to-face with a super-sized anglerfish. Move past that unusual discovery and you’ll come across playful whales floating by a window seat on the Sanford Street garage.  

Welcome to the unexpected and delightful “Thomas H. Cuddy, Jr. Courtyard,” featuring mesmerizing creatures painted by artist and Attleboro native, Jess Tracey.  Thanks to funding provided by the Transformative Development Initiative from MassDevelopment, a partnership with the Attleboro Arts Museum, cooperation from adjacent building owners and businesses, and extensive effort from the City of Attleboro, Tracey is putting brush to brick, creating a whimsical world that is designed to distinguish Attleboro’s newly cultivated public space. 

Get out your smartphones. Public art is tailor-made for more than one selfie.  It helps individuals to connect to urban environments and creates pride-of-place. Coordinators of this project are eager to spread the word about Attleboro’s public spaces and the unique features that are being designed to enhance all visits to the downtown region.


The Sun Chronicle features the artwork of Jess Tracey in Cuddy Court:

Ollie’s Window by Jess Tracey.

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