Creature Comforts

An Invitational Exhibition Inspired by Kevin Wilson’s novel Nothing to See Here

September 9th – 23rd, 2023

Creature Comforts Exhibiting Artists

  • Celeste Bocchicchio-Chaudhri
  • Janet Cooper
  • Caitlin Duennebier
  • Michael Evans
  • Karen Goodson
  • Linda Pearlman Karlsberg
  • Janet Montecalvo
  • Barbara Johansen Newman
  • Voz Perkins
  • Susan Polansky
  • Susanne Riette-Keith
  • Leslie Roth
  • Abby Rovaldi
  • Kerry St.Pierre and Pauline O’Keefe
  • Carolann Tebbetts
  • Bleu Vermeer
  • Gayle White

Since 2007, the Attleboro Arts Museum has been an active partner in the City of Attleboro’s reading initiatives.  These programs encourage participants to read the same book at the same time – and extend their connection to the chosen text through local arts and cultural activities. 

This year’s events are scheduled from September 2023 – April 2024 and center around themes from Kevin Wilson’s novel Nothing to See Here. The book explores family dynamics, acknowledges the odd and the unknown, and demonstrates how warmth, compassion and determination can help one to master unanticipated hurdles.

Wilson vividly brings to life friends, relatives and acquaintances that have come together under unique circumstances.  When we’re first introduced to the character of Timothy, a sparingly seen but none-the-less pivotal player, we enter the young boy’s well-appointed bedroom and meet a parade of his stuffed animals.  We see how Timothy interacts with these plush personalities and how he guides the style of play with Lillian, Nothing to See Here’s protagonist. Clearly, Timothy (not “Tim”) feels connected to his toy community and, later in the book, we see how its appeal extends to Bessie and Roland, two other children that are featured in the story. 

In response to Nothing to See Here’s spotlight on Timothy’s big chest of cozy friends, the Attleboro Arts Museum presents an invitational exhibition entitled Creature Comforts

The art in Creature Comforts includes 2 and 3-dimensional replicas of beloved stuffed animals and demonstrates how an exhibiting artist remembers a cozy friend.  Creature Comforts has provided an opportunity for many of the invited artists to bring their favorite stuffed companions back to life. It also includes stuffed animal forms that were yearned for or belong to someone known by the artist (a child, grandchild, friend, other).

Artists have provided “biographies” for the creatures that they have made.  The biographies reflect how these childhood buddies impacted the artist or someone in the artist’s life. 

On Saturday, September 9th a City-wide Reading Kickoff and Opening Reception will be held at the Museum from 2-4pm.  Exhibiting artists will be honored at this event and representatives from the Attleboro Public Library will share highlights from the 2023 – 2024 schedule of programs inspired by Nothing to See Here.  Reservations are not required – but are appreciated – by September 8th: 508-222-2644 x10 or  Free and open to all. 

The Museum and the exhibition are wheelchair and stroller accessible.  Please indicate if any further accommodations are required.  Masks are optional at the Attleboro Arts Museum.  

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