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The Community Gallery is located in the lobby of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Emory Street entrance.  For over a decade the Museum has been pleased to offer this prominent gallery space as an exhibition opportunity for both promising and professional artist members. By showcasing one or more member artist(s) per month, the Community Gallery maximizes the exposure of unique art and contact with Museum viewers. Artworks on display are new works that are currently being produced within the exhibiting artist’s portfolios.

To learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery contact or 508-222-2644 x15.




January 2019 – Community Gallery

Filigree Acrylic Paintings by Catherine Carter



Exhibition: January 4th – 31st, 2019

 Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am‐5pm 


Artist Statement: 

The sinuous lines in my “Filigree” paintings suggest multiple associations: lace, graffiti, textile weaves, calligraphic marks, gestural drawing, natural contours such as branches or vines. None of these interpretations is definitive, conjuring a sense of open possibility that contributes to the series’ compelling but elusive nature.

To create them, I draw across the canvas in looping strips of fluid acrylic paint, extruded from squeeze bottles. Next, I lay a sheet of paper over the wet marks and roll over it with a brayer, so that the lines become softer and wider. Finally, I define edges and solidify the design with precise applications of thicker paint. It is a multi-layered and ultimately satisfying process.

– Catherine Carter




Catherine Carter is a painter whose canvases focus on line and its connection to natural forms and calligraphic marks. A native of Massachusetts, she earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Catherine has exhibited her paintings at a range of venues including the Chrysler Museum of Art, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, and the United States Embassies in Oman and Cameroon through the Art in Embassies Program. Her artwork is held in national, public, corporate, and hospitality collections including, locally, the Boston Public Library, Meditech Information Technology, and the Four Seasons Hotel. The recipient of a grant from the St. Botolph Club Foundation, her work has been reviewed in the Boston Globe, the Providence Journal, and Art New England. She currently lives and works in New Bedford.  For more artworks visit



  • Filigree 4
  • Filigree 7
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