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The Community Gallery is located in the lobby of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Emory Street entrance.  For over a decade the Museum has been pleased to offer this prominent gallery space as an exhibition opportunity for both promising and professional artist members. By showcasing one or more member artist(s) per month, the Community Gallery maximizes the exposure of unique art and contact with Museum viewers.

See below to learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery.


Community Gallery

A Series of Expressive Paintings by

Monique Rolle-Johnson

Exhibition: May 4th – 31st at 3pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-5pm

Closed on Sat, May 28th


“My work is a magnificent assembling of designs, vivid colors and expressionistic imagery. I consider myself a creative, artistic catalyst for change. My desire is to create an equilibrium in the essential elements of my work and the participation of my viewer’s five senses. I want to evoke the senses! I tempt my viewer to imagine the acts of feeling the texture, tasting the vibrancy of the colors, hearing the boldness of the imagery and smelling the image’s depth. I employ color and emotion as tour guides into art investigations referencing dignity and strength,” comments Monique Rolle-Johnson.

The artist’s inspirations have deep-rooted foundations in Bahamian culture – especially the flamboyant, expressionistic festival known as “Junkanoo.” It is from this festival and the vibrant life of Bahamians that Rolle-Johnson derives her spectrum of colors, imageries and exaggeration of forms. The strength of the artist’s African ancestors combined with the geographic location of her homeland are undeniable in Rolle-Johnson’s thematic approach.  These images boldly affirm Woman – her strength, her power, her beauty, her mystique.


Monique Rolle-Johnson is a figurative colorist who skillfully utilizes color, depth, and design in her work. She holds degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and The University of the Bahamas in conjunction with the University of the West Indies. Her works are in private and museum collections both nationally and internationally. Her extensive solo and group exhibits have spanned the United States and the Caribbean. A native of the Bahamas, Rolle-Johnson resides in Rhode Island. She has held such positions as gallery curator, art chairwoman, art festival coordinator, and art educator. Rolle-Johnson holds 25 years as a consummate educator instructing through curricula, life skills, and aspirational mentorship. She has taught within every academic level ranging from elementary to collegiate. A practitioner of artistic excellence, Monique is co-principal of the House of Mōny, LLC. where she continues to be sought for her fine art, design and curatorial consultation, and commissions.


  • (Top) Someone Prayed Me Over – Sweet Honey in the Rock; acrylic
  • Kiss of the Dandelion; acrylic


The Community Gallery


• All Community Gallery artists must be current members of the Attleboro Arts Museum through the run of their exhibition. 

• All artist members must complete at least 5 hours of volunteer service at the Attleboro Arts Museum prior to their anticipated exhibition. We appreciate this valued support. An AAM Volunteer Application and CORI form must be completed.

• All Community Gallery artists must place an ad in the Museum’s Benefit Art Auction full-color catalog. Minimum size ad required is a business card (horizontal format – 3.5” wide x 2” high) ad costing $40.



• A series of artwork is strongly recommended for exhibition in this gallery.

• The number of exhibiting pieces will vary and be determined by the Museum Programs Coordinator. Community Gallery Exhibitions have ranged in size from 3 large-scale pieces to a maximum of 12-15 smaller works.

• All artwork must be consistently framed or gallery wrapped and ready to hang at delivery. All 2-D pieces must have a wire hanging system that is compatible with the Community Gallery rail hanging system provided.  Artists are asked to consider neutral frames (black metal or natural wood) and white or off-white mats for the exhibited artwork.  All framed work must be uniform, please do not submit works that are in several different framing options. These guidelines are designed to yield united and successful presentation solutions that spotlight the art.


To learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery contact Abby Rovaldi, Museum Programs Coordinator at either or 508-222-2644 x15

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