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The Community Gallery is located in the lobby of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Emory Street entrance.  For over a decade the Museum has been pleased to offer this prominent gallery space as an exhibition opportunity for both promising and professional artist members. By showcasing one or more member artist(s) per month, the Community Gallery maximizes the exposure of unique art and contact with Museum viewers.

See below to learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery.


Community Gallery 

A Series of Egg Tempera Paintings by Theresa Pedrotti

Exhibition: January 8th – 28th. Exhibit closes at 4pm on 1/28.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-5pm

Portrait of My Mother, egg tempera on panel.

Artist Statement

“I have always practiced figurative drawing and portraiture and for this show I have been working on compositions of my mother and my daughter. These have been very personal and incredibly difficult for me. All lines are beautiful, all colors are beautiful, all contours. When attempting to depict a specific individual, it’s easy to get those lines, colors and contours completely wrong. Both my mother and daughter have an incredible presence and I want to make sure that viewers can see how beautiful they are when looking at their paintings,” comments Theresa Pedrotti.

Theresa employs a lot of adding and subtracting when working with egg tempera on a panel.  The process of etching into and scraping paint away, and cutting into the plaster gesso is a process that can take a great deal of time. She creates her own pigments by grinding rocks, minerals, and colored earths with files, knives, mortar and pestles, and water. “My pigments are often rough – I’m more of a cave painter than a Renaissance style tempera painter, and while I do appreciate fine grained pigment, it’s not my focus. Similarly, I love egg tempera as a medium, but smooth, clean, luminous layers that are usually associated with egg tempera aren’t the reason I use it. I use it because it is very direct – separate, roll and dry an egg yolk, mix in water and pigment, and work,” remarks Theresa Pedrotti.  She also uses charcoal, graphite, commercial red, violet, and white paints as well as collage, found objects and other natural materials in her pieces.



Theresa Pedrotti grew up in Attleboro, MA and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from RISD in 1993, concentrating on pigment making. She moved to the Atlanta area in 1995, where she spent 22 years painting, sculpting, and making earthworks in her neighborhood, drawing inspiration from the place and the people and occasionally working on productions with other artists at the Center for Puppetry Arts. In 2017, she and her family moved back to MA to be closer to her parents. 

Ezra and Simone in the Clearing with the Five Trunk Maple, egg tempera on panel.


The Community Gallery


• All Community Gallery artists must be current members of the Attleboro Arts Museum through the run of their exhibition. 

• All artist members must complete at least 5 hours of volunteer service at the Attleboro Arts Museum prior to their anticipated exhibition. We appreciate this valued support. An AAM Volunteer Application and CORI form must be completed.

• All Community Gallery artists must place an ad in the Museum’s Benefit Art Auction full-color catalog. Minimum size ad required is a business card (horizontal format – 3.5” wide x 2” high) ad costing $40.



• A series of artwork is strongly recommended for exhibition in this gallery.

• The number of exhibiting pieces will vary and be determined by the Museum Programs Coordinator. Community Gallery Exhibitions have ranged in size from 3 large-scale pieces to a maximum of 12-15 smaller works.

• All artwork must be consistently framed or gallery wrapped and ready to hang at delivery. All 2-D pieces must have a wire hanging system that is compatible with the Community Gallery rail hanging system provided.  Artists are asked to consider neutral frames (black metal or natural wood) and white or off-white mats for the exhibited artwork.  All framed work must be uniform, please do not submit works that are in several different framing options. These guidelines are designed to yield united and successful presentation solutions that spotlight the art.


To learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery contact Abby Rovaldi, Museum Programs Coordinator at either or 508-222-2644 x15

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