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The Community Gallery is located in the lobby of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Emory Street entrance.  For over a decade the Museum has been pleased to offer this prominent gallery space as an exhibition opportunity for both promising and professional artist members. By showcasing one or more member artist(s) per month, the Community Gallery maximizes the exposure of unique art and contact with Museum viewers. Artworks on display are new works that are currently being produced within the exhibiting artist’s portfolios.

To learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery contact or 508-222-2644 x15.





Community Gallery

A Digital Art Series by Debra Maher

Exhibition: September 4th – 28th, 2019 

Museum Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat from 10am-5pm



Artist Statement

Nature exhilarates Debra’s Maher’s imagination with all the colors, shapes and patterns it has to offer. For this particular series, she focused on her visit to Yellowstone National Park as inspiration.  The time of year is early autumn with color of deep yellows and golds, bold greens, rich reds and burnt umber offset by splashes of unexpected turquoise.  The patterns are often small and intricate, especially when set against environmental shapes that are expansive and at times otherworldly.


“As I experience a place, I take photos and make mental notes about what has sparked my imagination. Then I sketch with pencil on paper to understand the natural forms, as well as the essence of what it is I wish to capture.  When it comes to creating the actual piece, I pick up my stylus and Wacon tablet to begin ‘painting’ digitally. As I work, I’m thinking about the marks I’m making and how I make those marks when I use traditional media, such as pastel and gouache. It’s a combination of both traditional and digital that I look to embrace.  Working digitally while thinking traditionally allows me to be more expressive and less constrained; as it is expressiveness over realistic depiction that I hope to achieve.”

– Debra Maher




Southeastern Massachusetts-based illustrative designer Debra Maher loves to be outdoors—taking photos and making notes of what has visually caught her eye. Back in her studio, she sketches to form a visual dialogue of shape, pattern and color; from which she interprets into a graphic representation of her inspiration that is fueled by a strong affinity for printmaking and surface design.


A designer for over 25 years, Debra naturally gravitates to digital media, using a Wacom tablet and stylus to create her artwork. All the while, she remains keenly aware of her mark-making when using traditional media. It is the combination of working digitally while thinking traditionally that she ultimately embraces, with a final outcome that begs the question, “what medium is that?” 



Image: “Lupine,” Digital art
























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