By Hand

Illuminating the Bond Between Artist and Material

Invited artists are asked to confront the limits of creativity and redirect how materials are presented, used and appreciated. 

In-gallery exhibition: April 6th – May 1st, 2021



There are times when artists become partners with their materials.  They collaborate intimately and fundamentally respond to each other’s thoughts and needs.

Powerful works that result from this healthy relationship often push the limits of creativity.  The viewer can sense that this is a piece created in harmony and born to delight. 

By Hand presents original works that exemplify a symbiotic relationship between material and artist.  The pieces on view demonstrate that creator and media are inextricably tied, and their mutual respect has served as fuel from concept through construction. With this strong bond, each player surfaces the other’s best qualities, allowing both to glide into new territory.


Exhibiting Artists Include:

  • Jackie Abrams
  • Gary Barsomian-Dietrich
  • Liz Clark
  • Merill Comeau    
  • Tanya Crane
  • Nancy Crasco
  • Joost During              
  • Cynthia Eid 
  • Bob Francis 
  • Kimberley Harding
  • Arthur Hash
  • Jeff Herman
  • Lenny Langevin
  • Deidre Scherer                                 
  • Burr Sebrings
  • Barbara Seidenath 
  • Maria Shell 
  • Sharon Stafford
  • Derrick Te Paske  
  • Chuck Tramontana
  • Pauline Warg
  • Paulette J. Werger




Rocks Ridges and Ravines by Cynthia Eid; 18K gold nuggets fused to Argentium Sterling Silver.
What Lies Beneath by Merrill Comeau; repurposed fabrics deconstructed garments, vegetable bag, paint, ink, thread.

Deep Blue: Star Field by Derrick Te Paske; wood, 2544 brass escutcheon pins.
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