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Members’ Exhibition

This was posted on September 1st, 2020

Delivery of Artwork: Thursday November 19th, Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st from 10am – 4pm.

Our popular celebration of member talent returns! We’re planning for an in-gallery show that opens Saturday, December 12th.

  • All work from our members that meets all guidelines will be accepted into the 2020 Members’ Exhibition.
  • Each artist can submit up to 3 pieces of original art. No collaborations, please.
  • Artists must be AAM members with dues paid through January 2021.
  • You can join as a member when you drop off your artwork on November 19th, 20th or 21st.  Annual artist membership is $35.
  • Entry Fee remains the same from 2019: $17 per piece (3 pieces max. per artist).
  • Artists must complete one loan agreement form and one ID form or each piece. Downloadable forms will be available in late September 2020.
  • Work must be new to the Attleboro Arts Museum. It must not have been shown in any exhibition on view in the Ottmar Gallery or Community Gallery.
  • All 2D wall mounted work must be firmly framed and ready to hang with sturdy framing wire before delivery to the Museum.
  • The finished size, including the frame, of each 2D, wall-mounted piece cannot exceed 30 inches x 30 inches or weigh more than 30lbs.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT 30 INCHES x 30 INCHES IS THE MAXIMUM SIZE OF THE ART AND THE FRAME, NOT JUST THE SIZE OF THE CANVAS. Please keep this size requirement in mind when selecting work to submit. 
  • Sculpture must weigh under 100lbs with a maximum footprint of  36 inches x 36 inches.
  • There are no exceptions on the size of artwork – we are very firm on all requirements and are unable to accept work that is even slightly over 30″ x 30″. Thank you for your cooperation.*


Consider Applying for Our 2021 “8 Visions” Exhibition

A prestigious group show spotlighting 8 member artists.

To apply, artists must exhibit work in the 2020 Members’ Exhibition and complete an “8 Visions” application form. Application fee = $17.


A complete prospectus outlining all Members’ Exhibition and 8 Visions requirements will be published in late September 2020 along with downloadable entry forms.


* In order to accept up to three works from each member artist – without jurying this exhibition – we must stick to our guidelines on size.  Thank you for your compliance!

Register for Online Auction Bidding with

This was posted on August 15th, 2020
In the Garden – Poppy,” 2020 Auction donation by Debra Maher,
digital illustration.


2020’s Benefit Art Auction Bidding Details

  • All Auction items will continue to be part of an in-gallery Preview Exhibition offering potential bidders a chance to see and familiarize themselves with each piece. This exhibition opens at 10am EST on October 6th in the Museum’s Ottmar Gallery.
Preview Exhibition in the Museum’s Ottmar Gallery (file photo)
  • The pieces in the Auction will simultaneously appear online through our new Benefit Art Auction platform – Bidsquare.  Our partners at Bidsquare have worked with over 100 top-tier auction houses and antique dealers to promote and sell original art through their virtual bidding site.  As in previous years, bidders will be able to place online advance bids on Auction items. Advance bidding will launch on October 6th at 10am EST.
  • Our customary, ticketed, in-gallery auction event will convert to two virtual bidding groups with “free admission.” These include: a) One “Live” auction conducted by auctioneer Chris Barber of Skinner on Friday, November 6th at 7pm; b) One “Timed” auction (formerly known as the “Silent” auction) that will start to close at 12pm EST on Saturday, November 7th.
There are two virtual biding groups in 2020.

View a brief video to guide you through the registration process for either the timed or live auctions.

Real or Imagined

This was posted on July 16th, 2020

A National Juried Exhibition

Attleboro Arts Museum – 2021

Real or imagined?  One might wonder these days.  These challenging times are complicated, unfamiliar and defying our norms. 

As we make our way forward, the Attleboro Arts Museum invites artists throughout the US to submit works of original art in any medium, size or concept that respond to the theme of Real or Imagined. For instance, artists can reflect on the nature or quality of this moment, spotlight the authentic, explore the unreal or depict items that contain some/all of the above. 

Consider a representational still life or a surrealist scene … the phenomenon of phantom pain … AstroTurf landscapes …

Plastic surgery


World Wrestling Foundation


No homework

Historical fiction


Gold bullion

Costume jewelry

Santa Claus

Fat-free foods

The Emperor’s new clothes

A tested vaccine in 2021



Key dates

  • Real or Imagined prospectus released: January 2021
  • Submission deadline: April 2021 via (Café)
  • Exhibition: June – July 2021

Image: Suspended Beauty by Robin Wessman, oil.

Benefit Art Auction

This was posted on July 11th, 2020

2020 Auction donation, “In the Garden: Poppy” by Debra Maher; digital illustration.


Our generous artists, collectors and businesses donated over 200 wonderful items for the 2020 event!

Get ready for …

  • In-gallery preview exhibition: October 6th – November 6th
  • Online bidding: October 6th – November 7th
  • Live stream of auctioneer Chris Barber: Friday, November 6th at 7pm

Register to bid in both the LIVE & TIMED auction today!


Auction Preview Exhibition. Photo by K. Salome.

The Familiar and the New

As you may expect, this year brings inevitable changes to the Auction. Organizers have been “Zooming” through the past months, strategizing and planning for the most user-friendly, engaging and careful way to hold one of the Museum’s largest fundraising events.

2020’s Benefit Art Auction Donation Details

  • All donated pieces will continue to be part of an in-gallery Preview Exhibition offering potential bidders a chance to see and familiarize themselves with each item. 
  • Donations will simultaneously be found online through our new Benefit Art Auction platform – Bidsquare.  Our partners at Bidsquare have worked with over 100 top-tier auction houses and antique dealers to promote and sell original art through their virtual bidding site. Bidsquare’s many attractive features include the opportunity for donating artists to have their work seen by over 180,000 national and international bidders. With Bidsquare, global, targeted art buyers can now view all Attleboro Arts Museum Auction items.  Add this exposure to the Museum’s established base of bidders and our audience for art has substantially increased!      
  • Our customary, ticketed, in-gallery auction event will convert to two virtual bidding sessions with “free admission.” These include a live-streamed auction conducted by auctioneer Chris Barber of Skinner on Friday, November 6th at 7pm.  One “timed” auction (formerly known as the “silent” auction) will close the day after the live-streamed session concludes.
  • As in previous years, bidders will be able to place online advance bids for all auction items.


Feel free to contact the Museum at 508-222-2644 x13 or with any questions.

Scylla: The Ugly Truth Revealed

This was posted on July 10th, 2020

An Exhibition Inspired by Madeline Miller’s novel Circe

Circe’s Bouquet by Ann-Marie Gillett; acrylic paint, colored pencil and hand painted artist tape.

View the online exhibition.

The Attleboro Arts Museum is pleased to present an invitational of original artwork responding the novel, Circe, by Madeline Miller. Circe is an award-winning story that reimagines the life of Circe, sorceress of The Odyssey. Since 2007 the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Big Read has awarded funding to Attleboro’s 1ABC Committee for its engaging city-wide reading programs.

Attleboro is one of 84 national cities or towns selected to receive an NEA Big Read grant to support a community reading program in 2020.

Scylla – The Ugly Truth Revealed,is an exhibition of visual art interpretations of six-headed, ravenous monsters based on the themes from the best-selling book. The exhibition appeared in-gallery from September 11th – 18th. The companion online exhibition is accessible through the end of Attleboro’s NEA Big Read – October 22, 2020.

Hawk, Circe, for my yellow eyes… by Abby Rovaldi; pen and ink wash on paper. Rovaldi’s work appears as the brand image for the 2020 NEA Big Read: Attleboro and will be on view during Scylla: The Ugly Truth Revealed.


Exhibiting Artists

  • Laura White Carpenter
  • Monica DeSalvo
  • Liz Sibley Fletcher
  • Ann-Marie Gillett
  • Ellie Huntress
  • Gwendolyn Lanier
  • Madeleine Lord
  • Susan Medyn
  • Emily Oliveira
  • Theresa Pedrotti
  • Ellen Shattuck Pierce
  • Nora Rabins*
  • Lisa Redburn
  • Linda Rodgers
  • Abby Rovaldi
  • Heather Stivison
  • Kerry St. Pierre
  • Jess Tracey

Plan Your Museum Visit

This was posted on April 15th, 2020

BULLETIN: Our main gallery is currently closed as we install our next exhibition, Scylla: The Ugly Truth RevealedScylla opens on September 11th at 10am. In the interim, our Community Gallery and gift shop are open to the public.  

The Attleboro Arts Museum has reopened to the public. We’re so grateful to welcome visitors back to our galleries and to offer in-person experiences with art. That said, we will continue to provide virtual exhibitions whenever possible to allow for online companion viewing.

Thank you for your great support and commitment to “Arts for Everyone” during our closure.

To ensure the health and safety of museum visitors, art students and staff members, all guests are being asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Masks are required for entry and will be provided if needed
  • Temperature checks are required for entry
  • Visitors will be asked to provide information for contact tracing
  • A social distance of 6-feet must be maintained
  • Guests visiting the gift shop will be given gloves
  • A limited number of visitors will be allowed in the Museum at any given time

Feel free to contact the Museum with any questions: 508-222-2644 x10.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Mim Brooks Fawcett

Executive Director and Chief Curator

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Lydia Dunham Sweet and Daughter, Ann Elizabeth Sweet (modified image) by Leprilete Sweet; oil. Attleboro Arts Museum Permanent Collection.

Annual Fund 2020

This was posted on April 10th, 2020
Attleboro Arts Museum’s Windows During Closure

Dear Friends,

I drove past the Museum parking lot a few days ago and, of course, it was empty, locked down in the community’s commitment to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infections. It made me think of the things we’ve lost as a result of the pandemic… the wonderful sights, sounds and scents of our annual Flower Show… the creative installations of our annual High Art exhibition… the experimentation, excitement and growth that would have happened in our spring art classes. It made me recall an old Joni Mitchell refrain “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…”

Let’s all pitch in to bring it back! Behind that quiet exterior the Museum staff and Board of Trustees have been working diligently and virtually to continue our mission of bringing Arts for Everyone in anticipation of our re-opening. Exhibitions are now virtual; art demos have been created for your virtual enjoyment, safety measures and procedures have been created and grant and loan applications were successfully submitted to assure that we weather the storm.  

We look forward to the day when we can welcome you back into the gallery and we need you to help us in our efforts. Your membership and gifts to the Annual Fund are the backbone of our fundraising efforts. They provide a critical source of income. We appreciate donations of any level. Every gift makes a difference! Thank you.

With warm regards and appreciation,

Gerry Hickman

President of the Board

Art Demos – Create at Home!

This was posted on March 26th, 2020

We’ve been taping a series of free art demos featuring projects that are great to make at home using readily available household items.  These are easy and colorful projects to work on with kids – and adults will also enjoy the art-making experience.

At least one video will be added each week. Keep checking back for new episodes.

Episode #1:
Birds on a Wire – a Mixed Media Project (with Miss Abby)
Episode #2:
Printmaking at Home (with Miss Abby)
Episode #3
Sunflowers (with Miss Abby)
A tribute to van Gogh’s “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 1884” painting that was recently stolen from a Dutch museum.
Episode #4
Cardboard Relief Portrait Project (demonstrated by Kerry St.Pierre)
Episode #5
Mandala Doodles with
Miss Abby

Episode #6
Drawing Live Cats with
Tina Beecher

Dedicated to Rose, one
of Tina’s cat models.
Episode #7
Need Some Inspiration?

Try a Doodle Transformation – with Miss Abby
Episode #8
“When Pigs Fly”
A Paper Mache Project with
Miss Abby

Episode #9
A Chalk Drawing Time-Lapse with Kerry St.Pierre
Episode #10
Painting Lilacs with

Mim Fawcett
Episode #11
Whimsical Springtime Still Life with Abby Rovaldi
Episode #12
Rosie the Pug – Creating a

Pet Portrait with
Kerry St.Pierre
Episode #13
“The Scream” with
Miss Abby
Episode #14
Drawing a Charcoal Still Life with Miss Abby
Episode #15
Drawing Dandelions
with Miss Abby
Episode #16
Fireworks – A Mixed Media Project with Miss Abby

We encourage you to share these demos with your friends!

Thanks for watching. Consider making a donation of any size to support the Attleboro Arts Museum today. 

Members’ Exhibition

This was posted on August 17th, 2019



Exhibition closed at 5pm on Friday, January 31st. Artwork can be picked up:

  • Saturday, February 1st from 10am – 4pm
  • Tuesday, February 4th from 10am – 4pm
An important Attleboro Arts Museum (AAM) member benefit is the opportunity to annually exhibit original artwork in the Museum’s Ottmar Gallery. In the spirit of our tagline – Arts for Everyone – all work that met the exhibition guidelines was accepted into this exhibition.

Guest juror: Catherine Graffam, artist and exhibitions manager at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA.

  • Exhibition Dates: December 6th, 2019 – January 31st, 2020. The Museum will close Dec 21st, 2019 and reopen Jan 2nd, 2020.
  • Opening Awards Reception: Saturday, December 7th from 2-4pm.


Award Winners

Best Representational: Catherine L. Howe, Emerald Sea, pastel

Best Abstract: Kevin Mulligan, Mystical Mother, wood

Best in Show/Juror’s Choice: Meghan Murray, Peony Rearrangement, oil

Juror’s Choice Awards:

  • Nancy Beams, Compassion
  • Bill Clark, Uncounted 2020
  • Claudia Flynn, Touchstone
  • Linda Rogers, Queen
  • Steven Wiseman, Plumb Bob

Blick Art Materials Awards:

  • Susan Clarke, Midnight at the Garden
  • Margot Hurley, Bombshell
  • Filipe Miguel, Death of Hashtag
  • Deception, Nicolle St. Cyr

Merit Awards:

  • William Bradshaw, Young Friends
  • Cathy Chin, A Fox on the Deck
  • Cynthia DiDonato, Glossy
  • Ed Grossman, Awakening
  • Marc A. Jaffe, Stripes and Reflection
  • Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, Into the Wilderness
  • Amelia Lydon, Sun Worshipper
  • Amanda Case Millis, When Nobody’s Looking
  • Lisa Redburn, Garden Water Tapestry XII
  • Lyn Slade, Growing Light
  • James St. Germaine, Turn the Page
  • Carolann Tebbetts, Leviathan




Eman Abdalla Attleboro, MA
Barbara J. Adams Fall River, MA
Jerry Aissis Cumberland, RI
Linda Alger Attleboro, MA
Francis Alix Jamaica Plain, MA
Irene B. Allen Providence, RI
Mike Allen Norton, MA
John Avakian Sharon, MA
Joan Ayotte Rehoboth, MA
Mark D. Babbidge Providence, RI
Lisa G. Bailey Franklin, MA
Lissa Banks Norfolk, MA
Susan Bauer Attleboro, MA
Nancy Beams Cambridge, MA
Lauren Beath Norton, MA
Robin Beckwith Warwick, RI
Christina Beecher Mansfield, MA
Pamela Benham Santa Barbara, CA
Judith Bertozzi Rehoboth, MA
David Lee Black Wrentham, MA
Linda Bonaccorsi Attleboro, MA
William Bradshaw Lincoln, RI
Herman Brewster Providence, RI
Anne Briggs Arlington, MA
Jayne Brown Blackstone, MA
Eddie Bruckner Needham, MA
Jackie Cabral Attleboro, MA
Karen Callan Pawtucket, RI
Andre Camire New Bedford, MA
Kristin Campbell Attleboro, MA
Peter Campbell Lincoln, RI
Kristin Capezio Norwood, MA
Jake Carey North Attleboro, MA
Ashby Carlisle New London, CT
Laura White Carpenter Providence, RI
Evan Casey Walpole, MA
Sara Chaloux Attleboro, MA
Cathy Chin Riverside, RI
Fehmida Chipty Winchester, MA
Marc Clamage Mansfield, MA
Bill Clark Seekonk, MA
Susan Clarke Lincoln, RI
Wendy Clayton Milford, MA
Barry  Close Norton, MA
Diana Cole Warren, RI
Valerya Couto Attleboro, MA
Alicia Crespo Attleboro, MA
Alyce Crowell Norton, MA
Anne Marie Cullimore Providence, RI
Harold Cunniff South Boston, MA
Ann Daum Providence, RI
Susan G. Daum Attleboro, MA
Monica DeSalvo Arlington, MA
Cynthia DiDonato North Providence, RI
Linda DiFrenna Swansea, MA
Cecily Donnelly Plainville, MA
Joel Dunn Warwick, RI
Sharon D. Eisman Warwick, RI
Tim Elliott Attleboro, MA
Lindsey Epstein Tiverton, RI
Michael Evans Taunton, MA
Patricia G. Faulkner Cumberland, RI
John Fazzino Providence, RI
Patricia  Ferrara Attleboro, MA
Vincent J. Ferravanti North Attleboro, MA
Tatiana Flis Millbury, MA
Claudia Flynn Wakefield, RI
Bryan Fowler Attleboro, MA
Lyn Freeman Sheldonville, MA
Paul Freeman Sheldonville, MA
Lisa  Gabrielle Braintree, MA
John (Jay) Gafford Attleboro, MA
Lorraine Gateriewictz Cumberland, RI
William Gibson Berkley, MA
Ann-Marie Gillett Seekonk, MA
Deborah Glazer Mansfield, MA
Eleanor Goud Concord, MA
Lisa Granata Tiverton, RI
Brittany Green Walpole, MA
Ed Grossman Mattapoisett, MA
Terry Grund Norton, MA
Daniel Gyves Mansfield, MA
Cristina Hajosy Canton, MA
Diana Hampe Dedham, MA
Carol Hansen Pawtucket, RI
Laura Harvey Green Harbor, MA
Terry Van Heusen Cranston, RI
Paul Hitchen Somerset, MA
Celeste Houle Cumberland, RI
Elizabeth Howard Attleboro, MA
Catherine L. Howe Hopkinton, MA
Stacey Hughes North Attleboro, MA
Margot Hurley West Roxbury, MA
Lorraine Hynes Cumberland, RI
Wendy Ismaili Providence, RI
Bonnie P. Jaffe Barrington, RI
Marc A. Jaffe Barrington, RI
Marnie Jain Jamaica Plain, MA
Gina Kalenderian Lancaster, MA
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg Newton, MA
Matt Kattman Attleboro, MA
Richard Kattman Holliston, MA
Hooshang Khorasani Ruston, LA
Tracy Korneffel Sharon, MA
Iwona Lapczyk Barrington, RI
Margo Lemieux Mansfield, MA
Carolyn Letvin Plainville, MA
Vesna Longton (Spring) Attleboro, MA
Madeleine Lord Dudley, MA
George Lowell Moosup, CT
Amelia Lydon Norton, MA
Donna MacLure Wrentham, MA
Kahlan Maguire Attleboro, MA
Shiela Mahaney Anchorage, AK
Debra Maher Rehoboth, MA
Leah Mahiri Attleboro, MA
Virginia Mahoney Brockton, MA
Rosemarie Manson Smithfield, RI
SB Manzon Medway, MA
Gwyn S. Marathas North Easton, MA
Tracey J. Maroni Attleboro, MA
Caitlyn Marsh Worcester, MA
Kathleen Marshall Pawtucket, RI
Cathy Martin Mansfield, MA
Sharmon McCaughey North Attleboro, MA
Catherine Meeks Acton, MA
Alice Nolan Merlone Hamden, CT
Filipe Miguel Raynham, MA
Stephanie N. Miksis Franklin, MA
Dianne E. Miller Lincoln, RI
Amanda Case Millis Arlington, MA
Sami Milloshi Brockton, MA
Patti Milton Attleboro, MA
Todd  Monjar Pawtucket, RI
Kevin Mulligan Norton, MA
Meghan Murray Norton, MA
Paul M. Murray Jamestown, RI
Karole Nicholson Attleboro, MA
Katelynn O’Brien Foxboro, MA
Joell O’Malley Attleboro Falls, MA
Kristina Occhino Attleboro, MA
Sheila Oliveira Westport, MA
Sarah Ouzounian Walpole, MA
Deb  Page Cumberland, RI
Wanita Paolino Johnston, RI
CC Parker Plainville, MA
Ronna A.  Pate North Providence, RI
Theresa Pedrotti North Attleboro, MA
Michael Perry Attleboro, MA
Caitlin Peterson Walpole, MA
Susanne B. Piche Raynham, MA
Cynthia Ponte Lincoln, RI
Robert Prata Smithfield, RI
Tyler M. Putnam Mansfield, MA
Cherie Quinlan Douglas, MA
Ben Ramsey Walpole, MA
Joe Rattie Lincoln, RI
Lisa Redburn Plymouth, MA
Susanne Riette South Easton, MA
Melissa Riley Attleboro, MA
JoAnn Ritter Brewster, MA
Betsy Ritz Lincoln, RI
Paul L. Roberti East Providence, RI
Frank Robertson North Attleboro, MA
Madeleine O. Robinson Cumberland, RI
Linda Rogers Westport, MA
Carol B. Sacks North Attleboro, MA
Kenneth Salome Attleboro, MA
Sarah Samways Pawtucket, RI
Stephen Saunders North Providence, RI
Michelle Marisa Scotti Pawtucket, RI
Justin Scovish Attleboro, MA
Kira Seamon Dedham, MA
Neal Seamon Dedham, MA
BarbaraLee Seligman Sharon, MA
Beverly Silva Warwick, RI
Lyn Slade Bolton, MA
James St. Germaine West Wareham, MA
Nicolle St.Cyr Attleboro, MA
Kristin Stashenko Medfield, MA
Cooper Stebenne Lincoln, RI
Dave Stebenne Lincoln, RI
Alan Strassman Weston, MA
Lorraine Sullivan Arlington, MA
Don  Swavely Norton, MA
Carolann Tebbetts Shrewsbury, MA
Jess Tracey Attleboro, MA
Charles S. Tramontana Cumberland, RI
Jennifer Turner Attleboro, MA
Monica Tynan North Attleboro, MA
Miranda Updike Rockport, MA
Andrea Warner Attleboro, MA
Christine West Norfolk, MA
Troy West Wakefield, RI
Gayle White Hyde Park, MA
Louise Winant Sutton, MA
Mark E. Winsor Rehoboth, MA
Steven Wiseman Norton, MA
Mary Wojciechowski North Attleboro, MA
Carol Wontkowski Attleboro, MA
Marian Wrightington Attleboro, MA
Sophia Yee Attleboro, MA
Philip Young Arlington, MA







  • Top image: Carol A. O’Neill


Enormity – NEA Big Read: Attleboro

This was posted on August 1st, 2019



An exhibition inspired by Nathaniel Philbrick’s In the Heart of the Sea


Exhibtion: September 14th – 21st, 2019

Enormity Opening Reception and NEA Big Read Kick-off Event:

Sat., Sept. 14th, 2019; 2pm – 4pm

Free and open to all

A reservation is requested, but not required.

Call the Attleboro Arts Museum at 508-222-2644 x10 or email to reserve your space.


“Devoted Daughter” by Madi Cook-Comey, Wheaton College Class of 2019. Found object, embroidery thread, acrylic and watercolor.


Since 2007 the Attleboro Arts Museum has been an active partner in the NEA Big Read: Attleboro.  In this National Endowment for the Arts program, participants are encouraged to read the same book at the same time – and extend their connection to the chosen text through local arts and culture activities. The NEA Big Read broadens our understanding of our world, our communities, and ourselves through the joy of sharing a good book. 

This year, in collaboration with sculpture students from Wheaton’s College Department of Visual Art and History of Art, the Attleboro Arts Museum presents Enormity – an exhibition of original 3D forms inspired by Nathaniel Philbrick’s bestseller In the Heart of the Sea.

Enormity explores perilousness and overwhelmingly difficult circumstances. Emerging sculptors interpret the actions of a vengeful whale, the profound struggles between moral code vs. survival and how – despite being surrounded by the seemingly endless angry seas – one fights to carry on. 


Wheaton College Exhibiting Artists

  • Madi Cook-Comey
  • Josephine Coppinger
  • Nathan Domingos
  • Lilly Etlinger
  • Bláithín Haddad
  • Martín Hanley
  • Sophia Hatzikos
  • Sasha Kasem-Beg
  • Kelley Montoya

Kelly Goff, Wheaton College Associate Professor of Art; Co-Chair, Department of Visual Art and the History of Art



“Unfinished” by Nathan Domingos, Wheaton College Class of 2020. Metal, wood.



An exhibition opening reception and NEA Big Read: Attleboro Kickoff event will be held on Saturday, September 14th, 2-4pm at the Attleboro Arts Museum. All exhibiting artists will be recognized during the reception.  Sea songs of the period by musician David Coffin (pictured) will be featured, sponsored by The Ray Conniff Foundation. Coffin, whose ancestors were Nantucket whalermen, has an extensive collection of songs from the Maritime tradition.  Sea-chanteys, ballads and the songs of the sailors comprise his main repertoire. In addition to performing at book readings with Nathaniel Philbrick when In the Heart of the Sea was first published, he arranged and performed the music for the NBC documentary on the story of the Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex. Reservations are appreciated – but not required: 508-222-2644 x10 or



NEA Big Read is a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest.


MCC_Logo_RGB_NoTag.jpg (371×135)

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Attleboro Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


“Either … feed our bodies and our hopes a little longer …” by Lilly Etlinger, Wheaton College Class of 2021. Hardtack – Baked flour and water, repurposed wood pallets.



Tempera: Nature and Narrative

This was posted on February 28th, 2019



Exhibition: April 6th – May 4th, 2019


On Saturday, April 6th:

  • 2pm – 3pm: Egg tempera demonstration by exhibiting artist Eileen Kennedy
  • 3pm – 4:30pm: Opening reception

Free and open to all.

Reservations are but not required, but are appreciated: 508-222-2644 x10 or


“Dona Nobis Pacem” by Eileen Kennedy, egg tempera.


Exhibiting artists:

  • Michael Bergt
  • Jon Gernon
  • Miranda Gray
  • Eileen Kennedy
  • Jennifer Knaus
  • Carol A. O’Neill
  • Banjie Nicholas
  • Diane Savino



“Imagination” by Michael Bergt, egg tempera.


Egg tempera is a mystical medium as it has roots in the early Renaissance.  During this time period, such artists as Giotto, Piero della Francesca and Fra Angelico were paying homage to the deity and angels.  The medium sanctified nature and all that it touched in its pictorial plane. Naturalism played an important role on the depiction of sacred themes. 

The act of creating these magnificent jewel-like paintings was accomplished through simple media: the yolk of an egg, ground powdered pigments and water.  Mixed together and applied with tiny brushstrokes, which layered color upon color, an artist could achieve translucency and opaqueness.  The weaving of brushstroke and tempered paint created exquisite iconic artworks.   The nature of the tempera medium is open for experimentation as well as continuum with ancient practices in our modern day.

The eight artists in this exhibit have conceived new stories which are documented through the medium of tempera.  Michael Bergt’s work features the human figure, integrating classical myths, sensuality, and the human condition.  Jon Gernon draws inspiration from the Renaissance, drawing on symbolism and combining it with magic realism.  Both Carol A. O’Neill and Banjie Nicholas are drawn to nature, weaving birds and leaves into their picture planes.  Jennifer Knaus marries female iconography with quirky elements of nature; she is interested in tapping into the subconscious.  Eileen Kennedy’s painted narratives come from dreams and memories to create stylized figures caught up in shallow spaces.  Lastly, Diane Savino weaves nature with human nature, creating commentaries about journeys, desires and sanctity.

This exhibition offers fresh approaches to a medium that the Italian writer, Cennini Cennino, wrote about in his treatise in the 1400s. The participating artists feel a kinship with the ancient medium, drawing inspiration from early masters and continuing their artistic lineage.



Top image: “Girl with Zinnia” (detail) by Jennifer Knaus, egg tempera.



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