All School Show

“Me Portrait” by Lauren M.


The Attleboro Arts Museum is holding its 7th Annual All School Show – an exhibition opportunity that is free and open to students of all ages who were enrolled in a W. Charles Thompson Museum School art class or workshop during our 2019 WINTER, SPRING and/or FALL sessions. 


Saturday, February 29th, 2020:
– 7th Annual All School Show Exhibition: 10am-4pm
– Show Reception & Museum Open House: 2-4pm – free and open to all!

Information for Museum School Students:

Artwork Delivery Dates:  
1.  Tuesday, Feb 25th from 10am – 5pm. 
2.  Wednesday, Feb 26th from 10am – 12pm only.  
We want to include all the artworks that have been selected for our 7th Annual All School Show; please understand that we cannot except artworks beyond Feb 26th at 12pm.  We are planning to curate and hang the exhibition that afternoon.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Show Guidelines:
• Eligible students will have the opportunity to submit one piece of art, per art class that they were enrolled for each round of our 2019 Museum School programming.  Museum instructors have given students an identification form for each selected artwork that is eligible for the All School Show.  Some artworks have already been collected and are being held at the Museum from our Drawing & Painting students’ ages 5-17 during our 2019 Winter, Spring & Fall sessions.


“Chinese Treasure” by Ellen W.


  • Please call 508-222-2644 x15 to inquire about your piece(s) of art or 

    Download a List of Eligible Artworks for the 7th All School Show.

  • We encourage artwork(s) to be framed (this is not a requirement).  If framing is preferred by the student, we ask that all 2-dimensional pieces have a wire hanging system on the back and that the piece does not weigh more than 50lbs.
  • An All School Show PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT and ARTWORK IDENTIFICATION LABEL must accompany each piece of artwork that is delivered to the Museum for our 7th All School Show exhibition.  

Download the All School Show PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT


  • Forms will be provided at the time of drop-off if you are unable to print from home. 
  • Students are responsible for the delivery and pickup of their artwork(s).  The Attleboro Arts Museum will not be responsible for artwork(s) left beyond the scheduled pick up dates.  Pick-up Dates:  Saturday, Feb 29th from 4 – 6pm OR Tuesday, March 3rd from 10am – 5pm.OF NOTE: All two-dimensional artwork will be hung with pushpins (with the exception of framed work) and all sculptural artworks (ceramic, paper mache, etc) will be displayed on draped tables or pedestals (if available) in the Museum’s main Ottmar Gallery.Bring a friend to the Museum! Our All School Show reception has been combined with a Museum Open House! Enjoy a family art & crafts station and Museum School faculty demonstrations of art created in our studios.



“Self Portrait” by Judah T.


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