Three – A National Juried Exhibition

The Attleboro Arts Museum announces its 2018 National Juried Exhibition Theme: Three


Open to all mediums, sizes and interpretations of the number three

Three meals a day; the fading three-ring circus; three strikes – you’re out; a quiet still life of three ripe pears; three’s a crowd; the Three Musketeers; leaves of three – let it be; a shiny tricycle; the Bermuda Triangle; the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria; the Three Fates; the sun, moon and stars; the Holy Trinity; Picasso’s Three Musicians … a prime challenge with a magic number!

At this point we ask that you get those creative juices flowing and note the submission timeline below:  

  • January 2018: Call for artists prospectus posted
  • Mid/late April 2018: Deadline for all submissions (collected via CaFÉ™
  • June – July 2018: Three Exhibition 




Image: Mandy Rusk-Shamrell

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