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Community Gallery

This was posted on October 2nd, 2009

The Community Gallery is located in the reception area of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Emory Street entrance, 86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA. The Attleboro Arts Museum is pleased to offer this prominent gallery space as a solo exhibition opportunity for both our promising and professional artist members. 

To learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery contact or 508-222-2644 x15.



January 2018: Community Gallery
“Historic Origins” – Paintings by Sean Cassidy

Exhibition: January 9 – 30, 2018



Artist Statement
The connection to historic figure’s birthplaces is the primary aspect this body of work. Where we are all born makes one ponder what affect a place has on each one of us? Does place play a significant role in a person’s path in life? Does one’s place of origin connect them to others more deeply? These questions are simply to create a visual vocabulary between these historic figures, the aerial image of their birthplace and the oil paint.


Each historic figure has affected the world in some form or another. My exploration of historic origins is all about capturing a powerful likeness of each person and portraying them in a way that intrigues the viewer and makes them ponder the person and their place of origin.


Capturing a likeness of different historic figures from various walks of life is a fascinating endeavor. The portraits are painted on aerial maps that are printed on canvas. The map and the portrait are intertwined and create a metaphor about origins and how it connects us to the place. The use of the map and portrait are the means that create a visual dialogue to explore the origins concept. The oil paint is applied in transparent layer to reveal these associations between the portrait and the map. The portraits examine a characteristic or quality that each individual exemplifies through the use of specific application and style of brush marks.


The paintings are a visual means of portraying a conversation of how place may have impacted each historic figure and how the public views these individuals as whole. We all have connections with people and to places, so this series is a visual essay exploring the questions of place and connections we make through the use of historic figures.

– Sean Cassidy



Artist Biography

Sean Cassidy (born in Connecticut 1968) graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He later received his Masters in Fine Arts degree in painting from Central Michigan University. While living in Michigan, he taught as an adjunct professor at Central Michigan University and at Mid-Michigan Community College. In 2007 he moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Currently, he teaches at Bridgewater State University, Quincy College, Cape Cod Art Association and teaches classes at his art studio.


Sean paintings are primarily done in oil. He has a series of figurative work using aerial maps and layers of thin glazes to create an ethereal quality that metaphorically explores the nature of the human psyche. His new series connects historic figures with the aerial map from each figures birthplace to create an interesting dichotomy. He also has a successful series of portrait paintings of famous musicians from the world of jazz and blues regularly on display at the Zion Union Heritage Museum.


His work has won various awards and has been exhibited in both national and international juried exhibitions. He is a juried member of the Copley of Society of Art in Boston. Sean Cassidy’s work can be found in both public and private collections.  For more artwork by Sean Cassidy, visit



  • I Have A Dream (Dr. MLK Jr.), oil on canvas
  • Muhammed Ali, oil on canvas




















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