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Community Gallery

This was posted on October 2nd, 2009

The Community Gallery is located in the reception area of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Emory Street entrance, 86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA. The Attleboro Arts Museum is pleased to offer this prominent gallery space as a solo exhibition opportunity for both our promising and professional artist members. 

To learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery contact or 508-222-2644 x15.




May 2018 – Community Gallery
Monotypes by Susan Clarke

Exhibition: May 2nd – 31st, 2018


               Museum Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am‐5pm               

Summer Gallery Hours as of May 29th, 2018: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am‐4pm

Closed: Saturday, May 26th, 2018


Susan Clarke is a teaching artist through VSAArts of RI.  She holds a certificate in Decorative Painting from RISD Continuing Ed.  She has studied acrylic painting and monotype printing with Paula DeSimone and painting with Katherine Lovell.  She has recently exhibited her work at the Attleboro Arts Museum, Spring Bull Gallery, The Preservation Framer, Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Monotype Guild of New England, Hopkington Center for the Arts, One Studio Smooch, Easton Travelling Artist Program and Gilbert Stuart Museum. She is a member of Collective Marks Artists, Attleboro Arts Museum, Monotype Guild of New England and the RI Watercolor Society.



Artist Statement: 

I am a backyard naturalist who keeps a pair of binoculars and a notebook by my chair so I can record the happenings in the backyard and fields of my family homestead.  I am drawn to study and explore the shapes, colors and textures of the natural world.  My art is filled with images of birds, flowers, rock formations and landscapes.  I draw inspiration from my collection of leaves, sticks, fallen eggs, nests and feathers, stones, bones and fossils.  I find such beauty in their delicateness.  Whether I am working with acrylics, collage or monotype, the techniques of layering and over glazing from my decorative painting background remain a major influence in my work.  Each layer adds depth and richness to the work.  Although I begin with a sketch each piece evolves as the layers are added.  I love the surprises that occur as each unfolds a new piece of the story and exposes a little of the previous one.  It is such an exciting moment when the last layer is unveiled and you know it is perfect!    

– Susan Clarke 




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