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Attleboro Arts Museum Art Contest

Sponsored by Salem Orthodontics


All Smiles 2017 Results

Thank you all of the young artists that participated in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s fourth annual ALL SMILES art contest for ages 5 – 17, sponsored by Salem Orthodontics.  We asked participants to SHOW US THEIR TEETH, and create a piece of art that either represents a personal Laugh-Out-Loud moment or invokes a Laugh-Out-Loud moment from the viewer.  Without question all participating artists presented creative, humorous and courageous responses to the theme.

All original award-winning artworks will be exhibited on Saturday, August 26th from 6-7:30pm during the AAM’s Arts Night at the Museum end of summer event.  Arts Night is free and open to all. A presentation of awards by a representative of Salem Orthodontics will take place at 7pm on Aug 26th.  All are invited to attend this free presentation.

We ask that award-winners drop-off their original artworks by no later than Saturday, June 17th.  The Museum is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am-4pm.  Please contact Abby Rovaldi at 508-222-2644 x15 or with any questions.


All Smiles Art Contest Award Winners:


Best in Show Overall Ages 5-17: “Say Cheese” by Emily Klassen

First Place Ages 5-8: “Smiling Otter” by Ryleigh Pouliot


First Place Ages 9-13: “Koi Fish Cat” by Kusumita Savaram


First Place Ages 14-17: “Juggle Skills” by Calvin Maragnano

The Best in Show and First Place award winners will receive a scholarship to an Attleboro Arts Museum 2017 summer art week or class. 


  • Best Laugh-Out-Loud Award: “Apple Smiles” by Amelia Tawa
  • Second Place Ages 5-8: “Happy Bunny” by Daphne Bono
  • Second Place Ages 9-13: “Laughing Indian Mona Lisa” by Vaidehi Jawale
  • Second Place Ages 14-17: “Say Meow” by Marissa P.
  • Third Place Ages 5-8: “Animal Photography” by Brooklyn Hasler
  • Third Place Ages 9-13: “Captain Brushyman” by Adrian Askew
  • Third Place Ages 14-17: “Happy Teeth” by Maris Van Vlack
  • Honorable Mention Ages 5-8: “Ellie In the Field on A Sunny Day” by Hazelle Gelinas
  • Honorable Mention Ages 9-13: “The Smiling Cheshire” by Kaya Chretien
  • Honorable Mention Ages 14-17: “Third Orbit” by Holland J.


We had a record number of participating artists this year! Thank you again to all participants:

  • Abby Purtell
  • Adam T.
  • Addison Collins
  • Adrian Askew
  • Aidan E.
  • Ajay Athreya
  • Alan M.
  • Alexa R.
  • Alexia F.
  • Allison H.
  • Alyssa H.
  • Amanda D.
  • Amelia Tawa
  • Antonia Pardy
  • Ariel F.
  • Ashley Keith
  • Aubrey C.
  • Aurelia Wallace
  • Autumn Hasler
  • Bailey L.
  • Ben M.
  • Benjamin L.
  • Bradley D.
  • Brady B.
  • Briar B.
  • Brooklyn Hasler
  • Calvin Maragnano
  • Casper Wells
  • Catherine Reiss
  • Chloe S.
  • Christopher Cardona
  • Cole E.
  • Daphne Bono
  • Denver S.
  • Edie Crawford
  • Emily Klassen
  • Emma S.
  • Erika K.
  • Ethan L.
  • Etian Huang
  • Farrah Rose Gloria Sousa
  • Gabby Bolduc
  • Gianna Duclos
  • Haley N.
  • Hazelle Gelinas
  • Holland J.
  • Isabel Brzezinski
  • Jacob E.
  • Jared D.
  • Jared K.
  • Jayden D.
  • Jazmine H.
  • Jeffery Furlong
  • Jemma Mackey
  • Jennifer B.
  • Jonathan P. Currie “JP”
  • Julia Marte
  • Kat Powers
  • Kaya Chretien
  • Kayal Nandakumar
  • Kaylee B.
  • Keagan L.
  • Kusumita Savaram
  • Kyla Z.
  • Liam M.
  • Madison M.
  • Manu Athreya
  • Margaret Campbell
  • Maris Van Vlack
  • Marissa P.
  • Mason P.
  • Maya Therriault
  • Megan B.
  • Megan D.
  • Meredith C.
  • Michael A.
  • Nicholas V.
  • Nick C.
  • Noah C.
  • Rebecca R.
  • Reilly D.
  • Riley Collins
  • Ryan Brown
  • Ryan S.
  • Ryleigh Pouliot
  • Sanjh Bonu
  • Savannah S.
  • Shaili O.
  • Sierra L.
  • Skyler Wells
  • Sophia M.
  • Summer M.
  • Sydney G.
  • Taylor Pouliot
  • Thomas S.
  • Tie N.
  • Vaasanthi Savaram
  • Vaidehi Jawale
  • William Greene
  • Xavier W.
  • Zachary C.
  • Zack K.


All Smiles Art Contest Juror: Adam Cristaldi

“I had a great time judging the All Smiles artwork this year.  It was fun and funny.  I chuckled out loud many times!  Seeing the great work is very inspiring as a teacher, an artist and a father.”

Adam Cristaldi specializes in illustration and portrait art.  Adam holds a BFA with a concentration in Illustration from Massachusetts Collage of Art and Design and has been published in Say Good Night to Illiteracy: 10th Anniversary Edition. Adam also enjoys creating live caricatures for visitors during the City of Attleboro’s annual summer Expo for the Senses and Winter Night Festivals.



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