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All Smiles 2018 Results


Thank you to all of the young artists that participated in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s 5th annual ALL SMILES art contest for ages 5 – 17, sponsored by Salem Orthodontics.  We asked participants to SHOW US THEIR TEETH, and create a piece of art that either represents a personal Laugh-Out-Loud moment or invokes a Laugh-Out-Loud moment from the viewer.  Without question all participating artists presented creative, humorous and courageous responses to the theme.


All original award-winning artworks will be exhibited on Saturday, August 25th from 6:00 – 7:30pm during the AAM’s Arts Night at the Museum end of summer event.  Arts Night is free and open to all. A presentation of awards by a representative of Salem Orthodontics will take place at 7pm on Aug 25th.  Family & friends are invited to attend this free presentation.


We ask that award-winners drop-off their original artworks by no later than Saturday, August 4th.  The Museum is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am-4pm.  Please contact Abby Rovaldi at 508-222-2644 x15 or with any questions or to schedule the delivery of your artwork.



All Smiles Art Contest Award Winners


Best in Show Overall Ages 5-17: “What a Hoot” by Cassandra Harris*


First Place Ages 5-8: “Rainbow Necklace” by Elsie McDonough*


First Place Ages 9-13: “Smiling Taylor” by Taylor Pouliot*


First Place Ages 14-17: “Fox Girl” by Madelyn Correia*


*The Best in Show Overall and First Place award winners will each receive a scholarship to an Attleboro Arts Museum 2018 fall art class or workshop. All Smiles art class scholarships must be redeemed during the Museum’s 2018 Fall Art Class session.  There are no exceptions.  If a scholarship prize is not redeemed during our 2018 fall session, it cannot be used for future art class sessions. 



  • Best Laugh-Out-Loud Award: “Picasso Portrait” by Willow Rostron


  • Second Place Ages 5-8: “Picasso” by Ryleigh Pouliot


  • Second Place Ages 9-13: “Smirk” by Adrian Askew


  • Second Place Ages 14-17: “Dog Face” by Cooper Stebenne


  • Third Place Ages 5-8: “Kevin Rearranged” by Kevin Zhang


  • Third Place Ages 9-13: “Dog in Spirit” by Aislinn Leary


  • Third Place Ages 14-17: “Cheetah Girl” by Riley Dustin


  • Honorable Mention Ages 5-8: “One Eared Mia” by Mia Webster


  • Honorable Mention Ages 9-13: “PANDAmonium” by Rebekah Robinson


  • Honorable Mention Ages 14-17: “Fox Face” by Angelina Lavigne


All Attleboro Arts Museum All Smiles Art Contest winners will receive a Certificate of Recognition, a Gift Certificate for $200 off any full orthodontic treatment at Salem Orthodontics.  Salem Orthodontics has locations in Norton, Sharon, Taunton and West Bridgewater.  Winners will also take home a special package of “All Smiles” gifts from Salem Orthodontics.


Thank you again to all participants:

  • Adrian Askew
  • Ryan Brown
  • Kate Coleman
  • Riley Collins
  • Isabella Corrao
  • Sophia Corrao
  • Madelyn Correia
  • Riley Dustin
  • Maria Fennell
  • Cassandra Harris
  • Brooklyn Hasler
  • Angelina Lavigne
  • Aislinn Leary
  • Hailie Leonard
  • Kahlan Maguire
  • Elsie McDonough
  • Ryleigh Pouliot
  • Taylor Pouliot
  • Rebekah Robinson
  • Willow Rostron
  • Cooper Stebenne
  • Mia Webster
  • Kevin Zhang



All Smiles Art Contest Juror:  Miguel Carreiro

“Judging the All Smiles Art Contest was a delightful and honorable experience. All applicants are incredibly talented!  I found myself laughing-out-loud throughout the decision-making process.  Thank you all for your submissions and I look forward to seeing your creativity & imagination at the Museum in the future.”

– Miguel Carreiro


Miguel Carreiro has been an artist and painter since childhood. He has a BA from the University of Rhode Island. Miguel has been closely associated with the Attleboro Arts Museum for several years; both as a volunteer, student, and now as an instructor. He is an excellent educator and has a unique style, attributed to experimentation and through influence of his artistic idols and peers.



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