Nature-themed Art Exhibit

The Attleboro Arts Museum’s 2018 Nature-Themed Art Exhibition is on view during our Flower Show event.

Participating Artists

Artist’s Name Title
Nina Ackmann Leafing Out
Ciara Garnett Andrade Sunny Day
Joan Ayotte Prickly in Pink
Mark Babbidge At Low Tide
Lisa G. Bailey Counting Z’s
Marjorie Ball David Austin’s 118
Polo Barrera Cape Dunes in Yellow
Lauren Beath Flowers and Figs
Robin Beckwith Lament
Christina Beecher Wildflowers
Renee Bejbl Hibiscus in Bloom
Evelyn Bernal Roses
Judith Bertozzi Spring Hedge
Cara Bishop Grand Tetons
Joan Bishop Hope
Katie Blundell Garden of Wisdom
Ana Brenescoto Leaf
Ana Brenescoto Tree
Herman Brewster Balloon Flower
John Buchanan Carpenter Ant
John Buchanan Mosquito
Nancy Buron Great Blue Heron at Sunrise, Rincon, Puerto Rico
Kristin Campbell Red Riding Hood
Barbara Canning I Hear Music
Kristin  Capezio Through the Looking Glass
Sharon Carloni Sunset with Tree
Judy Caron Full Bloom
Laura White Carpenter Foot Fungus
Sara Chaloux Cape Cod Autumn
Marc Clamage Summer Idyll with Hammock
Susan Clarke Waiting for Spring
Florence Como Path to the Ocean
Robin Connors Lady in Red
Charles Alexander Couper Floral Bouquet
Alicia Crespo Love Garden
Sandra Viveiros Cunniff Enchanted Forest Intrigue
K. Danielson Dahlia
Ann L. Daum African Violet with Peaches
Susan Gardiner Daum Lady in Black
John Davis Waning for Nightlight
Sandy Davis Birch Forest, Gilford NH
Katherine V. Depot Barbara’s Rose
Jamie Derr Lighthouse
Ian Deslaurier Manatee
Ian Deslaurier Panda
Cynthia DiDonato Odyssey
Cecily Donnelly Greenhouse at Dawn
Cecily Donnelly Greenhouse at Midnight
James Draper Briar Rose (Beach Roses, Sakonnet River)
Deb Ehrens Iris Hosta
Midori Evans Morning
Lucas Farrell Toucan
Patricia Faulkner Costa Rican Jewel
Sarah K.  Feragen Into the Light
Patricia Ferrara Chickens Near the Wall
Kerry Fitzgibbon Floral Perfusion
Marlena Fitzpatrick You Belong Among the Wild Flowers
Jack Foley Purple Star
Lyn A. Freeman Goliath Frog
Carol Frieswick Lily Pond
John (Jay) Gafford Tom & Jerry
William Gibson The Road Below
Ann-Marie Gillett Bird Nest Décor
Ann Gorbett White Hydrangeas
Gail Grivois Three Cool Conures
Lori A. Halben Picked Through the Fence
Michelle Roy Haley Gladiolus
Emily Hamel Ethereal Bluebird
Emily Hamel Radiant Roost
Ellen M. Hansen Tranquil Solitude
Randy Harbin Untitled (Man with Flowers)
Barbara Healy Ruffled Feathers
Paul Hitchen Winter on the Kickemuit
Susan Hong-Sammons Fresh Cuts
Elizabeth Howard Pinewood
Etian Huang Flowers Everywhere
Shanye Huang You Light Up My Day
Mehr Jabin Iftikhar Landscape New England
Wendy Ismaili Collecting What Remains
Marnie Jain Before Moving On
Susan J. Jenson Dawn at Cooper’s Pond, No. Carver, MA
Sand T. Kalloch That Must be the Place
Wesley Kalloch West Carry Pond
Sarah Keates One Wing Stretch
Martha Kempe Afternoon in Amsterdam
Grace Kimmell Through
Donna Kenny Kirwan Maui Bird
Emily Klassen Blending In
Kay Kopper Cecropia Moth, Hyalophora cecropia on Black Cherry, Prunus serotina
Irina Korennaya Anemones
Mary Kosowski Tribute to Georgia O
Lavanya Kotipalli Two Lotuses
Ruth A. Lague Inlet
Iwona Lapczyk Ducks
Margo Lemieux Friendship Lilies
Carolyn Letvin Golden Fleece #34
Deniz Levenberger Sun
Elizabeth Lind Owl and the Pussycat I
Laurie Lizotte Red Banded Leaf Hopper. Genus: Graphocephala. Species: Corcinea
Vesna Longton The Jump
Helen Lozoraitis Vintage Butterfly II
Michelle Lundquist Forgotten
Amelia Lydon Feathered Friends
Rosemarie Manson Rocky Landscape
Rob Mariani Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
Catherine Martin Pink Peonies
Shaun Martins Fleur Gelée #2
Susan Masse The Watcher in the Wood
Stephanie N. Miksis Clouds Illusion
Ann Murdoch Rose Curtain
Paul M. Murray Arctic Norway Coast
Janet Nason Turtles
Karole Nicholson Silent Refuge
Kim Novino In Deep
Kristina Occhino Blushing Hibiscus
Irina Parfenova Air
Ronna A. Pate Friendly Forest
Theresa Pedrotti Dahlia
Maggie Porreca Giraffe with a Secret
Susan Potter The Octopus Garden
Heidi Reardon Fall in New England
Sandra Richard Rhododendrons
Susanne Riette-Keith Polka Dot Vase
Melissa Riley Moon Lit Forest
Melissa Riley Morning Dew
Paul L. Roberti Frangipanis Flower
Frank Robertson Sunny Days
Nancy Roche Rocky
Tatiana Roulin Lilac Bouquet
Lisa Gabrielle Russell Terrain #57
Carol B. Sacks Water Lily Pond
Kenneth Salome Twisted Sisters
Sarah Samways Exaggerated Curtains
Jane Savage Autumn Birch
Sydney Schiavo Blue Flora
Rob Schnack SchnackScapes
Cheryl Seide Cascade
BarbaraLee Seligman Exuberant
Suzanne Vickery Shaver Life
Sherri Snyder Garden Stillness
Thomas Stearns Damon’s Pond
JudithAnne Stoddard Squam Pond, Nantucket, MA
James Sundquist Nature Icon
Elisa Sweig Midnight Lagoon
Christine Tarter Refracted Pansy
Barbara Testa Bithwold Garden Bristol
Beverly Tinklenberg Birthday Bouquet
Charles S. Tramontana Fantasy Bug Dracula-Mite
Charles S. Tramontana Fantasy Bug Mega Bee
Jennifer Turner York, ME
Monica Tynan Lanternfly
Terry Van Heusen Celestial Gardens #2
Cathy Villeneuve The Cardinal Calls
Janine Viveiros The Owl
Heather Wainwright Fleurs du jour
Vanessa Ware Winslow
Andrea Warner Dreaming of Summer
Alan James Weimer Magical Morning
Kate Wilson Cicada Lounge (Limited Edition 17/50)
Mary Wojciechowski Nature’s Gift
Carol Wontkowski Beauty Fading (1/25 Ltd. Ed. Print)
Marian Wrightington Summer Fireworks




Attleboro Arts Museum Nature-Themed Art Exhibition Juror: James Reynolds

As an artist I feel my role is that of an observer and the act of recognizing and recording events around me is in and of itself the primary impetus driving my work. 

Whether I’m choosing to explore a scientific theory, a spiritual concept, or simply representing beauty for beauty’s sake my ability to realistically render my subject is the foundation on which the work is built.

There are times when I feel a more minimal approach is suited to the narrative at which point I’ll pull back and subtract elements from an art work leaving the viewer to fill in the story line and voids with self-discovery. 

There are other times when I feel a much more decorative, baroque approach is necessary to get my point across. Inviting the viewer to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I execute my work with the traditional metal working technique known as repousse, entirely freehand without the use of molds, stamps, or dies using as my metal, copper, tinplated steel, or stainless steel. I will also, for some pieces, apply traditional patinas and sometimes paint and draw on the metal surface as well.

– James Reynolds


James Reynolds is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where he majored in sculpture and later studied the art of tinsmithing in San Miguel de Allende, a small town in central Mexico.

He has been creating large-scale repousse metal panels in copper and stainless steel for use in interior and exterior architectural spaces, as well artwork in tin-plated steel since 1991.

James has participated in numerous museum and gallery exhibitions; his artwork is included in the permanent collection of the RISD Museum of Art as well as in the Wheeler School’s Public Sculpture Collection in RI.

To see more please visit his


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