Members’ Exhibition 2017


Exhibition: December 9th, 2017 – February 1st, 2018

An important Attleboro Arts Museum (AAM) member benefit is the opportunity to annually exhibit original artwork in the Museum’s Ottmar Gallery. In the spirit of our tagline – Arts for Everyone – all work is accepted into this exhibition. 


The Sun Chronicle previews the 2017 Members’ Exhibition:



Members’ Exhibition 2017 Award Winners

Juror: Sarah Swift, Director of Hera Gallery 


Best Representational: Steven Fisher, Eidolon


Best Abstract: Fehmida Chipty, Color and Light 5


Juror’s Choice Awards:

  • Lisa G. Bailey, Press On
  • Fehmida Chipty, Color and Light 2
  • Carolyn Hagy Kent, The Swede
  • Valerie Maser-Flanagan, Structure #3
  • Howard Rotblat-Walker, Pyramid
  • Sophia Yee, New England Landscape #17


Blick Art Materials Awards:

  • Gwyn S. Marathas, A Dream Reinterpreted
  • Betsy Ritz, Chutes & Ladders
  • BarbaraLee Seligman, Crazy Quilt
  • C-J Stevens, Postcards from Beadland-Blue Series No.1


Merit Awards:

  • Marjorie Ball, Mill Pond
  • Robin Beckwith, Tesserae
  • George Berberian, Wake Up Barbara
  • Peter Campbell, Eugene Bullard – World’s First Black Fighter Pilot
  • Diana Cole, Pisces
  • Cynthia DiDonato, Juke Box
  • Allison Elia, Cavern
  • Ann-Marie Gillet, Ah-Choo
  • Mark Holme, Horse
  • Bill Lane, Arlington Red Lights
  • Rina Naik, Dreaming of Truro
  • Polly Park, Dawning
  • Chuck Tramontana, Angelus Marineus



Exhibiting Artists 

Jessica Alazraki

Sarah Alexander

Irene B. Allen

John Avakian

Joan Ayotte

Mark Babbidge

Lisa G. Bailey

Deborah Baldizar

Marjorie Ball

Lissa Banks

Lauren Beath

Robin Beckwith

Christina Beecher

Robert Bendt

Pamela Benham

George Berberian

Judith Bertozzi

Jean Bienenfeld

Cara Bishop

David Lee Black

Katie Blundell

Dorothy Boynton

Ana Brenescoto

Herman Brewster

Alexa Briggs

Aaron Brodeur

Eddie Bruckner

Sue Butler

Karen Callan

Helen Callanan

Peter Campbell

Kristin Capezio

Carla Carey

Laura White Carpenter

Nicole Carriere

Vincent Castaldi

Sara Chaloux

Diane Chester-Demicco

Cathy Chin

Fehmida Chipty

Marc Clamage

Susan Clarke

Diana Cole

Florence Como

Janyce Conklin

Anna Couchon

Sara Couchon

Alicia Crespo

Sandra Cunniff


Ann Latham Daum

Susan Gardiner Daum

Susan J. Davis

Sandy Davis

Jenna Deangelis

Cynthia DiDonato

Linda DiFrenna

Margaret Dougher

James Hird Draper

Sharon D. Eisman

Allison Elia

Tim Elliott

Kristin Elliott

Lindsey Epstein

Michael Evans

Patricia G. Faulkner

John Fazzino

Sarah K. Feragen

Trisha Ferrara

Stephen Fisher

Kerry Fitzgibbon

Tatiana Flis

Raquel Fornasaro

Lyn Freeman

Paul Freeman

Myles Gallagher

Alice Benvie Gebhart

William Gibson

Ann-Marie Gillett

Denise Girouard

Rob Gonsalves

Lisa Granata

Ed Grossman

Dan Gyves

Carolyn Hagy Kent

Ellen M. Hansen

Carol Hansen

Sherie B. Harkins

Betty Lee Harrington

Joan Hausrath

Paul Hitchen

Kate Hoffman

Mark Holme

Celeste Houle

Catherine Howe

Mehr Jabeen Iftikhar

Wendy Ismaili

Marnie Jain

Carol Johnson

Ernest Jost

Matt Kattman

Richard Kattman

Douglas Keough

Raphy Kertenian

Irina Korennaya

Lavanya Kotipalli

Elliot Krieger

Bill Lane

Charles Lanphear

Jeannine Hunter Lazzaro

Sanford Lee

Margo Lemieux

Carolyn Letvin

Jane Lincoln

Vesna Longton

George Lowell

Sasja Lucas

Amelia Lydon

Annette MacAdams

Robin MacDonald-Foley

Kahlan Maguire

Rosemarie Manson

Kiki Maples

Gwyn S. Marathas

Tracey J. Maroni

Caitlyn Marsh

William Martin

Catherine Martin

Bob Martin

Shaun Martins

Roberta Masciarelli

Valerie Maser-Flanagan

Lorraine McCarthy

Sharmon McCaughey

Brian McClear

Alice Nolan Merlone

Stephanie Miksis

Paulette Miller

Dianne E. Miller

Ken Moore

Erin Morlock

Paul M. Murray

Rina Naik

Judi Norris

Danika Notar

Lindsay Nygaard

Sarah O.

Elizabeth O’Connell

Clinton O’Dell

Jennifer O’Keefe

Kristina Occhino

James Olivier

Polly Parke

Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

Theresa Pedrotti

Ashley Pelletier

Caitlin Peterson

Susan Potter

Tyler Putnam

Ben Ramsey

Maira Reinbergs

Susanne Riette

Melissa Riley

Beverly Rippel

Betsy Ritz

Jane E. Robbins

Paul L. Roberti

Frank Robertson

Madeleine O. Robinson

Louetta Romanchak

Howard Rotblat-Walker

Karen Rothman

Tatiana Roulin

Carol Sacks

Kenneth Salome

Stephen Saunders

Ray Scanlon

BarbaraLee Seligman

Em Shaheen

Amanda Sharples

Beverly Silva

Rebecca Skinner

Lyn Slade

James St. Germaine

Dave Stebenne

Cooper Stebenne

C-J Stevens

Lorraine Sullivan

Mari-Ann Suvari

Don Swavely

Jean Thompson

Chuck Tramontana

Jennifer Turner

Terry Van Heusen

Sylvia Vander Sluis

Cathy Villeneuve

Heather M. Wainwright

Andrea Warner

Alan James Weimer

Robin Wessman

Christine West

Natalie Whittington

Mark Wholey

Timothy Wilson

Kate Wilson

Marcia R. Wise

Mary Wojciechowski

Carol Wontkowski

Marian Wrightington

Sophia Yee

Michael Yefko

Philip Young




Juror Sarah Swift

Sarah Swift is a visual artist currently living and working in Rhode Island as the Director of Hera Gallery. She spent the last six years living in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the Pratt Institute of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Painting. She has exhibited her painting, printmaking, and textile work in shows in DUMBO and TriBeCa, and has worked as a studio assistant for multiple artists throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Sarah was certified at Bradley Children’s Hospital to lead expressive arts workshops with inpatient and outpatient adolescent programs, and worked with multiple non-profits as an advocate for mental health awareness. Her own work and visual vocabulary stems from her upbringing in the marine sciences, raised by two oceanographers in southern Rhode Island. She primarily uses recycled and repurposed materials to continue her goal of creating sustainably made art.


Hera Gallery

Hera Gallery is the 5th oldest women founded project art space in the United States. Founded in Wakefield, Rhode Island in 1974, Hera Gallery/Hera Educational Foundation was a pioneer in the development of alternative exhibition spaces across the country in the 70s. Originally conceptualized as a venue for women artists, under-represented at the time in commercial galleries and museum collections, Hera has broadened its mission to include the work of regionally and nationally recognized visual artists of both genders who are at all stages of their careers.

Besides seeking a place where women have an equal opportunity to exhibit their work, the founding members were committed to increasing the community’s awareness and exposure to art not readily available in Rhode Island. Their non-profit, artist-run organization has continued to stimulate discussion and challenge perceptions for over 40 years. This creative space has allowed countless artists a place for transformation, exploration, and community with one another.

Today, Hera Gallery is a vital setting in which to view innovative contemporary art in Rhode Island. Hera features eleven months of programming, including gallery artist exhibitions as well as curated, thematic exhibitions featuring regional and national artists. Over the years, Hera has designed its programs to reflect the cultural climate. Because of its flexibility and commitment to presenting exhibitions with artistic merit and integrity Hera has been awarded numerous grants for its exhibitions and programs including grants from Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, Rhode Island Council on the Humanities, Rhode Island Foundation, and the Puffin Foundation.





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