High Art 2018


Theme – SHAPE

An element of art       Enclosed space       Geometric       Organic       2-Dimensional       Circle

Rectangle       Square       Triangle       3-Dimensionl       Cube       Cylinder       Sphere 

Realistic       Abstract       Positive       Negative       Black & white       Colorful       

Transparent       Open       Closed…


Everything has a shape, but what exactly is shape? Artists use all kinds of shapes. Geometric shapes are precise and regular, like squares, rectangles, and triangles. They are often found in human-made things, like buildings and machines while biomorphic shapes are found in nature. These shapes may look like leaves, flowers, clouds—things that grow, flow, move, and are often rounded & irregular, unlike most geometric shapes. The concept of SHAPE will inspire teams of students to create one-large scale art installation collaboratively to be on display in the Museum’s main gallery.


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What is High Art? 

High Art is an annual exhibition showcasing the extraordinary talent and ideas of high school students enrolled in public, private, parochial, alternative, charter or homeschool programs.  This youth exhibition connects teens with artists both past and present, fosters the creation of original artworks, and provides a professional forum for students to voice their own creativity and work collaboratively.

For questions regarding the High Art 2018 exhibition please contact Abby Rovaldi at 508-222-2644 x15 or arovaldi@attleboroartsmuseum.org.




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