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The Community Gallery is located in the reception area of the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Emory Street entrance, 86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA.  The Attleboro Arts Museum is pleased to offer this prominent gallery space as a solo exhibition opportunity for both our promising and professional artist members. 

To learn more about exhibition opportunities in the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Community Gallery contact or 508-222-2644 x15.



2017 Mangbetu Award Recipient

Mary Moore

June 2nd – 30th

The Museum will be closed on Sat, June 10th for the City of Attleboro’s “Expo for the Senses” 



The annual Viktor Schreckengost Mangbetu Award salutes outstanding arts achievement and commitment by Attleboro Arts Museum W. Charles Thompson Museum School students.


Award History
As a result of a generous gift from Mrs. Gene Schreckengost, The Attleboro Arts Museum is the fortunate recipient of Viktor Schreckengost’s 1933 original Mangbetu Child; Bronze Casting #2. This exceptional piece (pictured below) was on display at the Museum during the Viktor Schreckengost Legacy Exhibition (March 21 – May 16, 2008) and serves as a strong symbol of Vik’s talent and range as an artist.

As a salute to Viktor Schreckengost (pictured left), The Attleboro Arts Museum has instated The Viktor Schreckengost Mangbetu Award honoring Viktor’s contributions as an educator and remarkable accomplishments as an artist and designer.  Learn more about Viktor Schreckengost.


2017 Mangbetu Award Recipient: Mary Moore

Artist Statement:
My name is Mary Moore and I am 11 years old.  I am a fifth grader at St. John’s the Evangelist School in Attleboro, MA.  I draw mostly anime, but I love pretty much anything that is creative.  My other interests are playing sports, reading, history, chemistry and animals.  I especially love Pugs!  I also love watching the Celtics with my dad, scented candles and collecting lip gloss.  I have been taking art classes at the Attleboro Arts Museum for over 3 years; attending their summer art weeks, classes and one-day workshops.  My favorite season is fall because I love all the colors.  It gives me inspiration when I have artist’s block.  I have been trying to get into Realism, although I have not gotten the hang of it yet. I would like to continue taking art classes and hopefully one day go to the Rhode Island School of Design.  – Mary Moore


Viktor Schreckengost Mangbetu Award Recipients

  • 2009: Victoria Tarallo
  • 2010: Arlena Phillips
  • 2011: Cassie Chee
  • 2012: Marina Spenciner
  • 2013: Ryan Brown
  • 2014: The Monotype Group (Susan Clarke, Celeste Houle, Carol Sacks, Jean Thompson, Andrea Warner, Mary Wojciechowski)
  • 2015: Mary Musante
  • 2016: Vaidehi Jawale
  • 2017: Mary Moore

























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